what is the most weight that can be lost in a week?

what is the most weight that can be lost in a week/month for:

a boy?
a girl?
a woman?
a man?

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9 Responses to “what is the most weight that can be lost in a week?”

  1. Jessica ? said:

    It depends on how large they are and what you mean by ‘weight.”

    Someone on a fad diet can lose 10+ lbs in a week, but it is mostly water, not fat. 1-2 lbs a week is a safe fat loss.

    Someone who is extremely obese may lose much more fat than that in one week.

  2. shaylee87 said:

    im a girl.. slightly overweight.. i lost 9 pounds last week. it all depends on how many calories you burn and what you eat

  3. Clint said:

    10% roughly

  4. ella said:

    I lost 10 pounds last week and gained it all back in weekend

  5. moomum2003 said:

    When I was in my teens, I put on a lot of weight in boarding school. My parents placed me on a fruit and liquid diet for two weeks and I lost 1 lbs a day — total weight lost for two weeks at 14 lbs ie one stone. Remember my family doctor told me I could only do this diet for two week at a time. Remember I needed to take vitamin supplement at the same time.

  6. tasty said:

    depends on how big or small you are

  7. traciesisland said:

    im with jessica on this one.100%

  8. dvpill said:
  9. Erwin P said:

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