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what is the most effective way to lose some weight?

I have being having some weight issues and i have tried a bunch of techniques and read some books on weight loss but i’m yet to see result…please i need someone to recommend what they have used that has given an excellent result

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2 Responses to “what is the most effective way to lose some weight?”

  1. soc said :

    exercise- jogging and diet (you take one half of your usual food intake.

  2. Corney said :

    personally i had some serious weight issues so i feel your pain on this.i also tried alot of techniques and read alot of books like i was studying for exams but all resulted to jargons…..but atlast i discovered a somethings that change my story for good…some of the things i did that help me are counting my calories intake, exercising often, drinking alot of water….for more information you can visit where i got all these methods that finally worked for me.


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