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What is the most difficult thing about losing weight for you?

Why is it so hard for you to lose weight? What is the thing you keep doing wrong?

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11 Responses to “What is the most difficult thing about losing weight for you?”

  1. Julie C said :

    eating chocolate crisps and drinking wine

  2. asrobs said :


  3. Nick said :


  4. greek mythology is andocentrist said :

    with me, it’s not the eating or exercising part. my body doesn’t want to lose weight unless I cut down my calorie intake to below 1000, which is near starvation and thats plus an hour exercise every day. it sucks having a slow metabolism

  5. susie x ♥♥♥ said :

    I am currently losing weight and have been quite successful, having lost 3 stone and have only a little way to go. I weighed myself thismoring and didn’t lose anything this week even though I have been so good. Now, realistically I know this happens and you just have to keep on going and I will probably have a good weight loss next week but it has affected my appetite in that I want to eat EVERYTHING I can lay my hands on today. I have had a packet of skips and some leftover cauliflower cheese so its not the end of the world but I am eyeing up the biscuit tin as I type this.

  6. Smileee said :

    It’s extremely hard not to go get something to eat. It’s hard to just say no when you feel like you want to eat something and not need to.

    I wish I was like those skinny girls who eat tons and gain nothing.


  7. Gemmaa. said :

    Snacking : I’m slowly getting there though 😀

  8. Kimmy said :

    eating all the time, its real hard? i always seem to be hungry.

  9. Ciaran M said :

    Eating in general itself!
    or the lack of energy.

    You just feel so tired about all the time ‘cos you’re not eating as much.
    Also eating is HORRENDOUS, for me. I’m very, VERY overweight. Food is an addiction for me, but the thing is you cannot avoid it like alcohol and cigs, you *have* to eat and it’s just everywhere.. so um, yeah.. lol

  10. Kate said :

    The temptation to eat chocolate!

  11. ♥ Queen of Stuff ♥ said :

    I tend to be quite lazy when it comes to making food, and unhealthy food tends to be the most convenient!

    I find it hard to motivate myself to exercise but once I get started I’m fine.

    I try to keep my goal in mind and stay realistic about what I want to achieve. x


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