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What is the ideal fat intake for weight loss?

I know it’s common to cut fat out of the diet when dieting, but our body needs a certain amount of fat, right? I’m just unsure of how much for, say, a 20 y/o female? I’m 137 lbs, I exercise daily and have a physical job.

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27 Responses to “What is the ideal fat intake for weight loss?”

  1. shoppingdiva said:

    Well, it’s not just the amount of intake but really the amount of good fat versus bad fat. So you should avoid the bad fat and the good fat are fine to eat. Here is an article that explains it:

  2. Meisha Tiesto said:

    30% of your’e caloric intake = the ammount of fat you should consume per day (aim for unsaturated fats like omegas/ poly and mono saturates/ amino fatty acid’s/ etc)

  3. Blake Shaw said:

    what about old fashion watching what you eat and exeercise

  4. ? said:

    I’ve been asking the same question but the best ansewrs that I found arefrom a guy named Peter Sweeney, his blog has information about weight loss, diets and more. It’s worth a visit, Good Luck!!!

  5. Terry Bartels said:

    Ideal fat intake has a lot to do with each individuals makeup. So things like body size and metabolism play a part

  6. EddySays said:

    Your question could set a new record for spam answers!
    The important thing to focus on is saturated versus unsaturated fats.
    In a nutshell, the lower the saturated fats, the better it is for you.
    The American Heart Association recommends around 15 grams per day for say someone your age and size of saturated fats.
    Good luck

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  7. Rick Santana said:

    The key is to find a plan that works with your body’s individual needs so that you can avoid common diet pitfalls and instead make lasting lifestyle changes that can help you find long-term, healthy weight loss success.

  8. Anthony M said:

    hey thats great but there lots of ways you just got 2 look ?

  9. Malee Jones said:

    By now, most people realize that adding lean muscle mass to your body does wonders for your metabolism and fat loss, as well as a host of other benefits that allow you to live out your life as healthy as possible.

    Unfortunately, most people I see performing weight training or resistance training at the gym are spending too much time with the exercise and not working hard enough. They’re not going to burn very much fat this way.

    The secret I’ve found is that training for lean muscle and strength requires the proper application of three vital elements that are often ignored by those who attempt it. Those three elements are:


    -Volume & Frequency


    The intensity is how hard it is to perform for you, given your current condition. The volume and frequency are how much and how often you perform the exercise. The progression is related to how much the demands increase from workout to workout.

    Most times, weight training, is carried on for too long and performed too many times per week. It is unfortunately treated much the same way as so-called fat burning aerobic exercise. But they are vastly different forms of exercise. In fact, they’re complete opposites.

    Aerobic exercise typically is characterized by low to moderate intensity, high volume and frequency, and little progression. Anaerobic exercise, or weight training, must be performed at a high intensity, lower volume and frequency, and with progression to be as effective as possible.

    No amount of weight training performed at a low or moderate intensity will provide significant muscle or strength building benefit beyond the first few weeks. On a high level view, it is simply the combination of sufficient intensity, coupled with attempting to increase either the number of repetitions of a weight training exercise or the amount of weight used each and every workout that will keep your body evolving into the ultimate fat burning machine!

    You also have to pay attention to other details when creating an effective and efficient routine to maximize your workout and minimize your time spent in the gym. Why? Because perhaps even more important that the workout itself is the rest period that follows. You’re not going to get stronger or more muscular if you don’t rest.

    You see, when you strength train properly, you are creating tiny injuries to your muscles. You then have to let the body repair itself, and then overcompensate and build upon the already existing amount of muscle mass you have. If you workout again before that process in completed, you’ll experience lackluster, if any, muscle building or fat burning results.

    So make sure to get proper rest between workouts, which typically means a minimum of 1 to 3 full days of rest between properly executed resistance workouts.

    Now upon hearing the idea that you’ve got add muscle to your body to ensure the maximum fat burning environment, a lot of people, women especially, start thinking, “But I don’t want to get bigger, I want to lose weight!” But this is such a shame, because it’s very unlikely to happen, and countless women are losing out on these fat burning benefits because of it.

    You see, most men and almost all women simply lack the necessary genetic traits required to produce such muscle gains that would cause them to look bulky or overly-developed to most people. These traits include testosterone levels, muscle fiber makeup, muscle belly length, and others.

    Those competitive bodybuilders you’ve seen on TV and in the magazines are the genetic cream of the crop for muscle development and they are typically on heavy doses of anabolic steroids, growth hormone, and other bodybuilding drugs. Don’t be fooled by these images, or those that scare you into thinking this way. Also, lean muscle is more compact that fat, as it takes up less space in your body, so you will actually be getting smaller when replacing the fat on your body with lean muscle.

    Please understand that you’re putting yourself in the best position to succeed with your fat loss and fitness goals when you perform properly conducted intense resistance training, no matter who you are.

    But make sure you understand and apply the three critical principles I discussed above. If you don’t, you’ll ultimately be unhappy with your results, both in your ability to burn fat and realize the lean, strong, and healthy body you deserve.

  10. Juston Taylor said:

    In order to reap the benefits from the intense exercise I recommend to my Fat Burning Furnace students, you must get adequate rest. I can’t stress this fact enough. In fact, rest is just as important, if not more important that the actual exercise.

    During the high intensity resistance exercise that my students perform, the muscles experience tiny injuries or tears. The body’s response is to adapt and repair, getting stronger and larger muscles, which of course leads to burning more fat and a leaner body.

    But this growth and repair process won’t take place if the body is not allowed the time to do its job. Too often, people rush back into the gym, as many have been inundated with the “more is better” axiom when it comes to exercise. But if we don’t get out of the body’s way and let it do its magic, we will experience poor results. We won’t burn fat like we want to, and we will just end up demotivated or possibly give up our efforts altogether.

    If you don’t get enough rest or sleep, you’ll have a very difficult time building the fat-burning muscle that will transform your body. And you’ll also have a tough time burning fat off too! That’s why we can’t work out too long or too often when using a sufficient intensity level. When giving the body an intense stimulus, such as proper weight training, you can’t keep hammering it into the ground.

    If you did this, you’d quickly over train your muscles and negate your body’s ability to recover from exercise. Your immune system could become so worn down in fact, that you might even get sick…this happened to me a few times in the past when I wasn’t paying attention to getting adequate rest and sleep.

    And this repair and recover process doesn’t happen overnight, it usually takes 2 days or more, So make sure to keep between 1-3 days of rest between your properly conducted resistance training workouts, or you will be short-circuiting your chances of success to burn fat and build lean, strong, muscle.

    Now that we know how important rest is to burning fat and building muscle, we also must understand the most important component of rest…otherwise know as sleep. Sleep is the ultimate recovery tool, and not only for recovery from exercise. It’s a recovery tool from any stress you take in throughout the day.

    Whether it’s from family pressures, work issues, or finances, etc., increased stress can be dissolved by adequate sleep. And don’t think you can burn fat maximally when you’re over-stressed by other things in your life. A high stress level can shut down the effectiveness of your ability to burn fat, among other things.

    So make sure to get adequate sleep. What’s ideal? I would recommend no less than seven or more than nine hours. In fact, seven and half hours per night might be the perfect amount!

    Research has shown that we sleep in cycles of 90 minutes or so. It has been suggested that if we wake up too far before or after one of these 90 minute cycles, you will probably feel groggy for a good part of the day. So try the 5 90 minutes sleep cycles, or 7 and a half hours…you’ll most likely wake up feeling well-rested and energized, and your fat burning furnace will show it’s appreciation, allowing you to burn more fat faster.

  11. John King said:


  12. Anne Watson said:

    A friend of mine told me about the benefits of this!
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  13. Patricia Stowell said:

    It is different for everyone, different people need different calories and fat.

  14. Didi Sulman said:

    You can lose weight by making extensive organised training and you have to watch the dieting.

  15. John Hawkins said:

    I would say you still have to intake some fat but keep away from
    the saturated fats.

    Go for natural fats like eggs / whole milk / Avacardo’s etc

    These are natural fats and NOT manmade

  16. Batya Salim said:

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  17. john said:

    Fat loss is determined by the amount of fat in the food you eat, the best way to loose fat is to build muscle with weight excercise

  18. T Loughran said:

    Weight loss is gradual using the right foods, exercise and will power to carry this out. A great blog with videos, products and articles and includes like minded people visiting daily is at the link. I’ve been there and thoroughly enjoyed all the information and products on offer.

  19. Joseph said:

    I know where you are…I’ve dealt with fat loss issues most of my life. How much, how long…Less calories is the real answer, but the right food combinations can speed it up and help you lose more.

  20. Pell Martinson said:

    You may want to check out this weight loss program. It’s great!

  21. Adam Donler said:

    You may want to check out this weight loss program. It’s got all the answers!

  22. ? said:

    Try Herbalife Formula 1.. Other than that, watch your diet to ensure it is free from saturated fats and excess sugars

  23. Brian said:

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  24. Greg Bacon said:

    Not to sure! But the best fats to take in are that of the Fish oil types!

  25. Christopher Cliff said:

    It is important to have a basic knowledge of nutrition which will give you the confidence to know that you are making the right decisions about the foods you eat. You may find the website gives you the answers you are looking for.

  26. George Hamton said:

    There are truly so many different nutritional products on the market today touting “miracles and fast weight loss”, I can understand why so many people are confused and have wasted tons of money on worthless products and supplements.

    I filmed the following video to clear up any confusion and answer any questions you may have about a lot of different nutritional products that are out on the market today…especially all of these “Greens Drinks” that are touted as Super Foods. Are these Greens Drinks really better than real foods?

    And, as always, I’ll tell you exactly what I do for myself and my family when it comes to ensuring that we are covering all of our nutritional bases each day.

  27. Chris Smith said:

    To discover the secrets of losing weight, dieting, or whatever you need to do to get fit is very easy, but there obviously isn’t a lot of room here to explain everything about getting rid of excess fat.

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