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What is the easiest way to lose weight?

I want to lose some weight but i don’t want to do suicide runs or 1000 pushups, could you tell me some easy ways to lose weight?

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14 Responses to “What is the easiest way to lose weight?”

  1. Matt G said :

    Amputation, chop those legs off and watch the scales drop.

  2. peka said :

    Get out your biggest knife and cut off ya pork chops and send em to me :p

  3. jacked fibras said :

    eat less…eat 500 calories less a day

  4. Sauss D said :

    eat healthy and gentle exercise a few times a week

  5. [email protected] said :

    I also take Acai Berry it works good for me. 14 pounds in 3 weeks. I eat no differnt but do drink more water and cut back on some pop. I havent made it to NO pop but one a day and on weekends i sometimes have two. I drunk pop like water… and trust me the xtra 150 calories x4 or howmany pop you drink makes a huge differnce on weight. If you do drink pop try to stay with more clear liquisd like 7up or sprite they have same cal intake but you dont get tired after a huge sugar rush….

  6. ritu said :

    daily walk, do yoga exercises which has quick effect within a week u will feel the change, dont eat fried items avoid it. more fruits and vegetables.

  7. Stephanie W said :

    Hey, try the Master Cleanse Diet!

    My mom followed the diet for 8-days and she lost 17 lbs!

    Even celebrities did it:
    The singer/actress Beyonce did it for 14 days and she lost 20-22 lbs! If you do not believe, google it. She announced it during the Oprah show.

    Other celebrities include rapper Trina who did this liquid diet for 13 days and Howard Stern’s cohost Robin Quivers claims to have lost 73 lb using the Master Cleanse. Similarly, Jared Leto says he lost the weight he gained to play ‘Mark David Chapman’ (he gained 62 lb) all from the master cleanse!

    Here’s the official site (reference) for the full recipe for free:

  8. Michael said :

    Don’t change your diet, don’t increase work out. Take CORE4 – they have a flagship patent pending product that you sprinkle on your food to cut back 25% of the calories eaten. You can see it here at or

  9. George S said :

    I have been taking Acai berry for a while now and it has helped me with controlling my metabolism and lose weight. I bought it in September last year 08 when i weighed about 250 and my gut was pretty embarrassing. lol If you eat right and take this supplement you can lose a good amount of weight. Right now i weigh about 208, so i lost a decent amount of weight. There’s been alot of good reviews about it….some say its a scam, but i think it works great. Companies are only doing this because they are worried no one is going to buy their stuff anymore….I found out about it because I was watching the Oprah show and she was doing a special on weight loss products. lol I guess there was some doctor talking about these new berries called, Acai Berries, from the Amazon that are being used to make diet supplements. I highly recommend it tooo Good luck!!

  10. Pedro G said :

    80% of any wieght loss revolves around your diet. There are several theories and what it is that you have to do to get there. What I have found that works for me is a cleansing of my system and a change in the amount of calories that I take in. Below is the site that I buy products to help me do that. They have a 30 and 9 day program that is like going through detox. It’s a great place to start looking for information, they have great videos.

  11. skodsmuw said :


    Genmaicha green tea!!

    it is a Japanese natural tea that is filling, yummy, and helps with weight loss.

    you can buy it here or in a local tea shop

  12. gringomcnight said :

    base on my personal experience, the most easiest and most effective ways to reduce weight is by taking crevax, if you haven’t heard of it, you better check it out first.

  13. lookingforinfo said :

    Find out that the love of your life just hung himself. I lost 13 lbs in 2 weeks.

  14. S--slick said :

    To lose weight (fat), include more fibrous slow digesting carbs, as opp. to the fast digesting ones.

    No white breads, fast foods, sodas (not even diet) no ketchups, sugar, only skim milk, not 2%, skim and whole grain non sweet (sugary) cereal, whole wheat bread, maybe buy some soy or whey protein.

    Include lean meats like ham, and other sources of protein. Avoid red meats. Take a multivitamin, calcium and vitamin d every 2 days, one or two V8s a day (or every other day).

    Don’t starve, eat small healthy meals. A lot of small meals opposed to a few bigger ones– make sure is has at least 8-10 or more g of protein, not too much protein because the body can only digest a certain amount at a time; and avoid too many fruits, carbs and sugars. Fibrous veggies, greens (no starches or potatoes) are good, and no BBQ sauce (unless used sparingly) and not too much (if any) salad dressing.

    Before bed (2 hrs), eat something with protein, don’t
    eat many carbs before bed. Eat some of that good cereal in the morning, you need quality carbs, just not too much, and the slow digesting ones.

    Do slow crunches until you can not do anymore, jog stairs (be safe though), warm up first and do sprints, short bursts of intense activity is very effective compared to long weak activity, just don’t over do it. Also include some slow but long endurance jogging. Be active!

    Jog stairs ;and also do some lunges until it burns, do this every day or 2 days, keep going and don’t give up, same with eating, you need some fat, so one or two fish oils daily.

    Eat fish (not fried, be careful, very careful for bones) Peanut butter on whole wheat (no jelly), which has protein, and don’t worry about the fat in that. Avocados, has fat, good fat; eat it when your hunger cravings get you.

    When you do crunches, also twist on some to work your sides, keep tension on your abs.

    Need more info, go to


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