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What is the difference between losing weight and losing inches?

I’ve been working out and I’ve lost 6 lbs, and I notice a significant weight loss and saw some loss of inches in my waist; and I was going to go to a spa and I wanted to get a “European Body Wrap”, and they have said that the body wrap doesn’t make you lose weight, it just gets rid of inches. So what is the difference? I thought by losing weight you also lost inches, I didn’t think they were two different things.

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3 Responses to “What is the difference between losing weight and losing inches?”

  1. kestrelk8 said :

    the body wrap treatment simply compresses your fat cells temporarily so you literally measure inches less then before you went in. i think its expensive to maintain because it doesn’t last that long. you will still weight the same you’ll just appear to be slimmer.

  2. LookWhoStalkin' said :

    Ok girl I’ll lay this one out for you. Losing weight is just losing overall weight, like going from 120 to 116. Losing inches mean you may weigh the same but its just distributed differently, like your waist goes from 22″ to 20″ but you still weight 120. Hope this helps!

  3. JKid said :

    Losing weight makes you lose your body mass, it’s internal slimness. Losing inches doesnt make you lose weight, but it makes you look slimmer, its external slimness. Of course losing weight is better, because it helps external and internal.


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