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What is the difference between fat burner and cardio settings on a cardio machine?

The various machines at the gym have a fat burner setting and a cardio setting. What’s the difference? Why is it that the fat burner setting is easier than the cardio? I always thought the harder you work the more fat and calories you burn.

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3 Responses to “What is the difference between fat burner and cardio settings on a cardio machine?”

  1. leikevy said :

    fat burner may burn fat but not cause your heart to work as hard. Working you heart as a muscle is the cardio setting. Might include the fat burner setting already although if you do hardcore cardio, it might burn other things, like muscle too? Not sure on the alst part.

  2. RJ said :

    Burning fat is about working out at an easier pace and for a longer amount of time. Cardio strength builds when you push your heart to beat faster and work harder. So the fat burner might feel “easier” but what’s happening is that you’re going longer (hopefully) and therefore your body is resorting to its fat stores instead of its sugar stores for more energy. Keep up the good work!

  3. Terence Wu said :

    The fat burner setting is based on the 60 to 70% of your heartrate, while the cardio is based on 70 to 80% of your heartrate. Thus when you used the machine, most of them will ask for your weight and age. If you are already used to doing fat burner, changed to cardio setting. Your body will get used to the training after a while. To burn the same amount of calories, you will need to do either longer or tougher. I do the sprint interval or x-aerobics nowadays as my normal cardio for 45 minutes. It is a fact that the harder you work, the more calories you burn plus the aftereffect. But it also depends on whether you can sustain the effect for more than 20 minutes at least.


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