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What is the cheapest way to get individual medical insurance?

I need to find insurance for a young adult who has had medical issues, but does not have coverage in her current job. Blue Cross wants $18,000 a year. There has got to be something out there that is designed to cover private individuals that a person can afford: I know it won’t be cheap, but there should be something do-able.

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7 Responses to “What is the cheapest way to get individual medical insurance?”

  1. mariana m said :

    There are other companies out there, Fortis, Humana, United Health Care, Unicare

    Find a brokerage that deals with many health insurance companies so you could compare different companies in one place.

  2. gazeygoo said :

    OK at 18,000 per yr you are talking 1,500 per month and I find that a little hard to believe. All individual health coverage is very expensive, add to that a medical condition and it’s even worse. Affordable isn’t even a word to be associated with health insurance. You need to talk to a good agent that has access to multiple providers to see what they can put together for you. You will no doubt need to go very high on the deductible which might be as bad as no insurance. The other option is for this individual to get a job that offers a plan.

  3. ricki_lain said :

    you can do a search on line, alot of the companies will email or call you pretty quickly. i just did this myself recently. i spoke to alot of companies, can’t remember any one in paticular, but everyone i spoke to was very helpful

  4. cdptqt said :

    If this individual only needs temporary insurance until he/she has coverage at their place of employment, temporary insurance is much more affordable as opposed to a private policy. It is scrictly temporary and I believe the maximum time you can be on it is 6 months to a year, depending on the company. I was on Fortis when I graduated college…cost around $60/mo. 6 years ago. Was worth every penny as I was hospitalized during that time.

    If she is looking for a “catastrophic” policy, these policies pretty much only cover hospitalization and with a very large deductiable. For example, for around $350/mo a catastrophic policy will cover hospitalization with a deductible around $3000-$5000…outpatient doctors visits and procedures are typically not covered. However, there is no time limit to these policies.

    Hopefully, this individual only needs temporary coverage.

  5. Faith K said :

    It depends on what state you are in and what condition this “young adult” may have. Certain states such as Maryland and Washington have laws against charging more for “pre-existing conditions.” Also, check into nonprofits that may have better insight in your area on plans that may “cater” to this condition. I would also recommend a great book that breaks down these programs and suggests simple tips on saving money in healthcare and how to choose the correct insurance for yourself called “Healthcare for Less,” by Michelle Katz. I bought my book at Barnes and Noble, by I heard it is even less expensive through her website (I think that is a direct link to her book on I hope that helps!

  6. uman said :

    I had to get insurance and I found the best way to get cheap prices is to look for quotes on the internet. I went here for myself: Good luck with your search. Hope this helps.

  7. Altenheim. Pflegeheim said :

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