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What is the best way too lose weight fast?

Like from now too August. I need too lose at least 10 pounds fast!
I have lots of thigh weight.
Excersizing will get that away right?

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12 Responses to “What is the best way too lose weight fast?”

  1. Rey Atlante said :

    if you want it fast then i’ll give it to you the fast way a light breakfast (400 calories) and a heavy dinner (800) before 8:00p.m. and sleep 9 hours or more a day
    2.don’t drink any pop, go with water or a juice
    3.don’t eat any types of chips/cheetos because remember their message “once you eat one you can’t stop”
    4.walk for 30 minutes everyday patient, losing weight doesn’t happen over night

  2. lazerangel99 said :

    eat healthy and exercise at least 30 min a day and break a sweat doing it

  3. Fresh Prince said :

    eat small meals 6x a day. do alot of cardio and lift light weights. get out of your comfort zone when you workout. no pain no game.

    hope this helps. good luck!!

  4. i'llplaythebluesforyou said :

    What lazer said is true. exercise 30 minutes a day doing cardio because cardio burns fat! drink lots of water. Don’t eat any junk food because that creates fat thats impossible to burn. But yeah, Cardio Cardio Cardio. 30 minutes or more a day. And eat a healthy diet…..DONT STARVE YOURSELF

  5. James W said :

    The best way to lose weight quick is limit the Carbohydrates you eat and increase your protein. I have been using those Met-RX MRP and they have really help control my cravings as well as do the low carb and high protein thing.

  6. said the spider to the fly said :

    eating about 14 calories per pound of weight (versus starving oneself) and doing like ten minutes of incredibly intense, balls dropping off cardio can increase one’s metabolism

  7. Indianna P said :

    Go on a diet!, try fasting for a day or for hours but make it a challenge!! not just a couple of hours!…
    excersice and make a daily routine but make sure to do it dont get lazy and sometimes not bother about it?
    thats all

  8. Eazy-E said :

    you can eat lots, but just healthy food
    try to run every morning if you can, maybe every second morning or night.
    try to stay away from sugary foods/sweets and drink LOTS of water. also stay away from juices with high sugar.
    eat lots of fruit and veges every day and be a lot more active

  9. mcguirekillerky said :

    According to jenny craig spokes people cocaine!

  10. BIMP said :

    Just remember that losing weight fast is not good for you as it causes a rebound effect (you gain faster and more when you stop starving yourself or doing whatever yore doing to lose weight that fast). It also means you are losing fat AND muscle. You dont want to be skin and bones.

  11. Arvind V said :

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  12. Jay B said :

    My girlfriend said she needed to lose around the same weight. I remember her researching everything and trying to find the best way in order for to lose it fast and healthy. She came across the link below and so far she has lost 18 pounds. I’m happy for her, even though I didn’t think she needed to lose the weight in the first place.


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