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What is the best way to lose weight fast?

I would like to lose a bit of weight before my graduation which is in 14 days. I don’t want to lose a ton just a bit so i look slim and healthy. Any fast weight loss tips?

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7 Responses to “What is the best way to lose weight fast?”

  1. ljrjco said:

    Eat good foods but the right foods. I highly recommend the site below to target your needs.

  2. J B said:

    Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day (not all at once). Don’t drink soft drinks ! Soft drinks have TONS of carbs. Your body wants to burn carbs first, so don’t give it carbs and you’ll see a difference in 2 weeks. Eat low carb foods. Meats, cheese, eggs. Mix it in with some salad with moderate amount of dressing. Stay away from candy, pasta, bread, and most of all soft drinks. You can get the small packs that you add to the water to make it taste good at the grocery store (get the low carb flavor packs).

  3. Spirits P said:

    Try the cabbage soup diet. It is free to get the recipe and not too bad to follow.

  4. Meg said:

    If you wanna use some extra pills or whatever, use always natural stuff..
    That’s the most important thing.. Because chemicals may affect quickly but after a while you may have some side effects of them..

    The only thing that I can say.. Use only natural things..
    Lots of natural pills on the internet.. take a free trial..

  5. Tahnoon said:

    Here I will be listing many points for people who want to make diet and lose maybe more waste of their body and loose water. See water and food that remains in stomach add weight and if it is not removed within each day it will add weight, if you had a dinner, lunch and breakfast and you hadn’t removed any food waste (not urine)that mean your weight will accumulate and add up. And that mean your colon movement of pushing food downward is not that quick. You could say your stomach start acting whenever it want to lose and wherever it want. The best thing to loose the food waste is cutting out food. Drink lemon without adding sugar, because lemon contain many good vitamin and it is the best for the food that is stucked within your stomach (in which it help burn fat stick on stomach wall)i advice you drinking lemon on morning because when you walk by then it will shrink fat slowly and slowly. (Continue reading at

  6. Sandra M said:

    1800 Katie CAt –

    Yours is a common question and there are quite a few solutions.

    The best one I’ve found, to drop 7-10 pounds quickly to fit into a dress or drop one waist size in 10 days is the following:

    1. Keep it simple. Make a list of only one basic type of food that you will eat for breakfast, lunch , and dinner. You will also eat a small serving of your favorite fruit in between meals.

    For example, for the next ten days I will only eat one packet of “Kashi” brand vanilla flavored oatmeal with fat-free milk for breakfast.

    Three hours later, eat 1 fruit serving.

    After another 3 hours, for lunch, I’ll eat deli turkey slices in a low carb wrap with fat-free cheese.

    Continue the “eat every three hours” plan with another fruit serving.

    For dinner, I’ll eat 2 “Boca Burgers Vegan” veggie burgers with fat-free cheese, again in a wrap.

    2. Drink lots of water for the next ten days; definitely more than the usual 4-6 glasses a day. The trick is to drink a lot of water to help flush out your body’s toxins and so you can feel as healthy as possible during this 10 day phase. If you get dehydrated, you will fail.

    3. Power walk or run for 30 minutes.

    If you don’t easily lose 7-10 pounds in 10 days with this diet I’ll take a bite out of the corner of my laptop screen!

  7. Rosabell said:

    For an all natural diet & nutrition program to lose weight fast see what this first time mom did

    Hope this helps


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