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what is the best way to lose fat aroundm id section?

i have been running for about an hour 5 days a week, and i lift some too. i have gotten my legs, arms and face cut, but how do i get the fat around the stomach area? specific diet? should i drink less beer? how many times and what do drink when going out per week?
also my paints fit a bit better but the scale reads the same weight, what gives?

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3 Responses to “what is the best way to lose fat aroundm id section?”

  1. Adam P said:

    You must remember that muscle mass weighs more then fat, so that is the reason why you have’nt lost weight, by working out you have gained more weight in muscles.
    If you want to seriously loose weight then eat less carbs, drink heaps of water, eat less fat and sugar, and junk food. Have a sauna quite often, and if you want to loose fat around your stomach area in particular then do specific waist exersises like, sit ups, rowing, etc. Good Luck

  2. DC - ドン said:

    1. reduce your food intake… and make sure… that you really reduce the fat and carbohydrate intake…

    yes… beer is giving empty calories… reduce them to almost a few in a month…

    2. cardio… try to do cardiovascular activities… if you dont want to lose muscle mass while losing fat.. cardio coupled with weight training is the best… some useful cardio activities are jogging, running, biking, swimming or using machines like treadmills and elliptic bikes..

    3. of course.. you would also want to develop some ab muscles… so do crunches and stretches too.. crunches are better than sit ups as crunches are not stressful to the back… just make sure you dont pull your head first… curl with your abs.. and dont use your hand momentum to create the movements… §

  3. James Penn said:

    there’s a few natural ways to lose fat in the article at:


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