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what is the best way to loose a lot of weight fast?

Okay, i’m a young girl (18) and am looking to loose weight fast! what is the best way?

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7 Responses to “what is the best way to loose a lot of weight fast?”

  1. khanzadha said :

    eat less and balanced and jogg

  2. Phat Kidd said :

    for a long period of time, there is no such thing. but if you are talking about losing it for prom or a wedding or something, than eating right(veggies, 3 meals plus 2 snacks per day, protein, and good carbs – whole wheats, barley, brown or wild rice) and exercise five times a week will help. if you have three weeks, you can literally drop 20 pounds by doing this way and it is healthy. be healthy.

    Just remember, yo-yo dieting(losing weight, then gaining it back, and losing, gaining, ah you get it) is very bad for you and hinders future weight loss.

    There are events in your life that are very important, but the most important thing you will ever posess in your life is your body. god luck and have fun

  3. just_curious said :


  4. trittles said :

    The Atkins diet. It’s not a healthy way to go but you could lose up to 10 lbs in a week. It sucks though.

  5. sunraeonesunrae said :

    Depending on how much you want to lose.Of course you should know that losing weight too fast is not healthy so don’t go overboard.If you want to start making the scales to pointing in the other direction,start by only drinking water as your beverage,if you feel kind of like you need a pick me up then drink a little juice.No caffeine beverages,no sodas,no diet sodas.Start by changing just what you are drinking before you even start to diet. Diet does not mean starve.If you want to shape up quickly,start with some weight training.Pumping iron correctly gets you in shape quicker than anything I have ever tried.Start with small weights,nothing too heavy.It takes awhile to work your way up to the bigger weights,but you will not be trying to LIFT weights,just tone up using the weight.Buy a small bench with leg extensions,they come with an instruction sheet if you buy the bench new.

  6. anaranda723 said :

    You could eat six minimeals a day, and exercise. We tend to burn more calories (thus keeping our metabolism up) digesting our food in small quantities than not (which makes our metabolism go up and down). Stay hydrated with lots of water as well; you could also burn extra calories with ice cold water, because your body will warm the water to your body temperature.

  7. phitchic989 said :

    easy i’m a young girl too so…
    lol, ppl always have the same questions and this is pretty much the best answer u’ll hear.

    Breakfast: warm water and lemon, or green tea(even tho it tastes sick lol) and just a little bit of fruit… ur choice.

    Lunch: raw veggies… nothing else
    lots and lots and lots and lots of water.

    Dinner: only salad… mayb a spoon full of rice and barely any meat.

    Then do cardio and situps everyday… try and do a jog twice a week.


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