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What is the Best way to loose 10-15 Pounds within a week?

serious comments please, I would love to know how some people loose weight so quickly….

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4 Responses to “What is the Best way to loose 10-15 Pounds within a week?”

  1. The Axe Shall Fall said :

    its called methamphetamine

  2. Boo. said :

    You can’t lose that much weight in one week without illegal drugs (meth) or by chopping off a random body part.

  3. candygirl_302003 said :

    replace all liquids with water and eat veggies . I do it all the time i dont know if i lose ten pounds or not but i sure fit in my jeans i usually cant ..

  4. Allie C said :

    Drinking liquids all week…
    But then you’ll gain it right back the next after you start eating again…even if it is a little.
    Your body gets used to how many calories you are taking it and reduces its metobolic rate.
    Once you start eating after only consuming a few hundred calories per day, your body will store all it can get because it thinks it is starving. You may even gain more weight afterwards.
    Stick to a healthy weight loss diet.


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