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What is the best way to learn alternative health techniques and practices?

I have always been extremely interested in alternative health techniques and treatments. I am currently in a very good job that I am not really crazy about. I would like to move into the alternative health field and would like to eventually open a health food store and small health spa. I know it is a process but I want to know where I can start. As far as I know (and I could be wrong) there is no school to go to learn alternative health. I don’t know where to start learning and how. Also for the learning process I need to work around my full time job as I don’t have the option to not work as I need the income. I really want to start learning about this field and just need some suggestions on where and how to start. Is there perhaps a way to be like an apprentice to an alternative practitioner?

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3 Responses to “What is the best way to learn alternative health techniques and practices?”

  1. tlbrown42000 said :

    I am a PA-C and I practice medicine…… and I am open to adding alternative medicine… are the physicians I work with. The problem with education in alternative medicine is it is not regulated in ways as the study of medicine is. Therefore……you can get quackery. In some states naturopathic physicians are legal, and they attend medical school in this particular way….for as long as other physicians do. The learn-by-mail-at-home schools (like Clayton’s) is expensive and not accredited by any governing body of worth and I am suspect of the curriculum. The better schools have to be attended in person. Andrew Weil (a great doctor in alternative medicine) has a school and program….expensive….the classes need to be in person….but authentic in content. (His books are a good start)Take a college level class in biology, or nutrition, or anatomy and physiology for a good basis of knowledge. Some community colleges actually have classes in herbs (our local college does). Massage Therapy is legit. and gives a good basis of knowledge. Medicine….alternative or otherwise….is never taught these days legitimately in apprentice fashion. There are some pretty good alternative health magazines…..just do a search. But I recommend a good basis of knowledge of the sciences that are taught on a college level….it gives you more of a knowledge to sort through what is real and what is quackery.

  2. Susan Yarrawonga said :

    What about some books from a health store?

    An even better start is a web search in Yahoo for “alternative health techniques” that will yield at least 412 results including overviews of alternative health techniques and stacks of other useful information for you.

    Another useful search in Yahoo for “alternative health practices” will yield at least 2,888 results.

  3. cherichocolate04 said :

    You can apply for financial aid, and go to massage therapy school. Massage school is 5 to 9 mos. Starting pay is 60 to 200 dollars an hour!!!! Massage is the best alternative medicine. You can learn massage, aromatherapy, stone therapy, reflexology, alternative medicine, history of massage. Massage school is an excellent place to start. I learned a lot in massage school. Go ahead give it a try good luck. I promise you wont regret it.


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