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What is the best way to cure a headache caused by stress other than taking medicine?

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21 Responses to “What is the best way to cure a headache caused by stress other than taking medicine?”

  1. tizzy said :

    a cold compress on your temples….works for me!

  2. T-C-B said :

    Relax i suppose …but that’s easier said than done if you are stressed!!!

  3. starlet108 said :

    See a Reiki healer – Reiki is brilliant for stress related problems xxx

  4. star said :

    You need to enjoy life! we get stressed when we don’t have a social life…all work and no play..not good i know from experience.
    drink plenty of water and do something you love to do. they say walking and hobbies plus exercise helps? Good luck.

  5. Candace E said :

    massage therapy- stress relieving exercises for the neck and shoulders

  6. Ellie L said :

    You need to relax, and find a way to realise natural endorphines, as they are the bodies painkillers. Try sex, i know it might sound silly, but the best natural cure for a headache, or other pain for that matter, is good sex…………no excuses now!!

  7. Lani S said :

    Sex is a good headache medicine.

  8. threeqtpa2ts said :

    Yoga, doing a little something for yourself at least once a month, and watching your diet-try eating natural. If they continue, see a doc.

  9. Niamh said :

    Cure the stress instead.

  10. snowy said :

    I know it sounds crazy, but try putting an ice-pack on your head. It works for my migrains!

  11. Me Me said :

    I’m always stressed and I also get tension headaches. If you’re like me, it’s due to jaw-clenching and tension in the face muscles that gets relayed upwards, so it feels more like a head-ache. Two things work for me: green tea (caffiene is actually an active ingredient in headache medications), and eating something (I think the chewing motion releases the tension in the jaw). I feel your pain … good luck with it!

  12. wilma p said :

    less stress and you can get mi graves strips or others at chemist to put on your forehead .my grandmother always swore that using a cologne stick across your forehead is good [worked for me]

  13. gillie said :

    try putting a cold compress on your head

  14. [email protected] said :

    What works for me is, i lie down in a dark room with absolute peace and quiet. But i advise this only works if u have no kids or u have someone to look after the kids.

  15. Graham B said :


  16. jdt said :

    use a punch bag to get reed of stress or look in the mirror and shout at your self. if that fails trap your fingers in a door the pain will take your mind off your headache

  17. huggz said :

    Meditation works for me

  18. jon said :

    Ok well i get a lot of head aces and i find that fresh air can get rid so go for a walk or just step outside and take a few breaths, failing that i once got so fed up with my head ace that i hung my head off the side of the bed and let the blood rush , and it did on that occasion get rid of it , but then again there are several different types of head aces. and different things work. Hope this helps!

  19. Rob E said :

    I’ve learned the hard way. I got run over a few years ago and lived with constant headaches for 2 years, made worse by the stress of losing my job. (I still suffer most days)

    It’s important to minimise the cause as well as heal the symptom, otherwise you’ll get continuous headaches. Look at what are the causes of stress and what you can do to minimise them. Relationships, work, lifestyle etc. You haven’t got to stop everything, aim to reduce the effect of the major contributors.

    Then look at how you can get more relaxation and pleasure (in a non stressful way) into your life, as often as possible.

    Meditation and yoga are great for many. Otherwise, pursue hobbies and other interests. Consider hypnosis, which is guided relaxation. Perhaps drive less and walk or cycle more, especially if you find driving stressful. Otherwise, try gettng indian head massage, or something similar, where your temples etc will get soothed.

    Sufficient quality sleep is import to help us manage pressure and give us the resilience to keep high pressure from becoming stressful.

    Give yourself treats that you will appreciate at least once a week. Whatever you’d really love.

    Share your worries and concerns with others, this helps me manage stress, preventing it bottling up.

    I know most of this is aimed at the cause and not the effect (headache). Peppermint oil is a good natural headache buster, which I think is in the roll-on natural headache treatment.

    I grow a plant called Feverfew in my garden and use this to minimise the effects of headaches. Works for many.

    Beware of frequent use of painkillers for headaches, as the body can react and you can end up with more frequent and severe rebound headaches as a result. Nasty.

    Good luck! Rob

  20. lime s said :


    It also helps to do something you love and isn’t that strenuous. For me, I love to go watch a movie.

    Get out of your office/ workplace. Go outdoors and take long breathes……breathe in the fresh air.

    Do some stretching. Stand with your legs spread apart- enough for balance. Stand up allowing your spine to be almost a straight looonnnggg line. You may start to stretch up your head. Lower your head- let it be weightless. Lower your shoulders. Shake your body…shake off that stress.

    Slowly arc your body down forward. Feel that slow arching on your spine. Then bring your body back up again, starting from your spine, then lifting your head and finally your hands.

    Turn your heads slowly around, rotate it around your neck. Let it be weightless. Turn the other way.

    Shake your body again….loosen up!

    Stand with one leg in front. Rotate your feet clockwise….anticlockwise……and do the same for the other.

    Repeat this twice. Feel free to make noises like urghgh…aarrghh..blubbluurrl……it helps loosen up your tongue muscle and your jaw muscle and your head muscle.

    You’ll be fine by then.

    If headache persists…consult your doctor immediately.

    It also helps to separate your working-table from your bedroom. You’d want your bedroom to be specifically only for resting, so no works should be seen in your bedroom.

  21. brilock1 said :

    learn relaxation techniques, such as controlled breathing exercise.


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