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What is the best way to build muscle for me?

I’m 6’5 and its very hard for me to gain weight. I’ve heard that If I want to build muscle, I should only work out a few times a week. So does that mean it would limit my muscle gain if I alternated weightlifting and cardio for 6 days a week instead of only 3?

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3 Responses to “What is the best way to build muscle for me?”

  1. Baker 85 said :

    I would say do weights for your arms. Also to make your legs stronger bike ride or do muscle waits. Also eat healthy. push ups at home and run if you have time

  2. Crazy_Lemur said :

    Lifting 3-5 times a week is optimal. If you’re having trouble gaining weight it’s best to limit the cardio as much as possible because it burns so many calories.

    The main thing you should work on is your diet and making sure you’re taking in enough calories.

  3. Ricky said :

    You can work out 6 days a week but you should mix it up between different muscle groups. Make sure to hydrate properly, eat a good diet, and possibly try a supplement like GlycoCarn.


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