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What is the best way to avoid saggy skin during a weight loss regiment?

I’m 29, I’m 5’2”. In the past 2.5 weeks i have lost 11 pounds and now weigh 205. I have already noticed a little skin sag.
I reviewed the other questions on this topic. I want to know if it is necessary to stick to the regiment of 2 pounds max per week for weight loss or it’s alright to lose more if you’re doing higher intensity exercises like swimming, running, bicycling.
I’ve been losing weight so fast b/c i’ve cut down on how much food i’ve been eating, working out multiple times a day and cutting down on sleep ( i was sleeping too much previously).
would collagen in skin spring back faster if i lose weight at the slower rate of 2 lbs per week?
even if i lose weight faster than the 2 lbs, and lose weight at the 1 lb/ day as i am now, will my skin shrink to normal eventually? (i hope to lose at least 70 more lbs) i’m willing to lose weight 2lb/wk. i gained this weight of 65 pounds over the past year. i haven’t had it for very long. is my skin resilient? be honest.

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10 Responses to “What is the best way to avoid saggy skin during a weight loss regiment?”

  1. *stardirt* said :

    My skin has been shrinking…as my sleep has increased. I sleep at least six hours per night. Sometimes seven or eight. You need to increase your sleep to increase weight loss and body repair. Congratulations on the good results of your hard work, and good luck!

  2. amandafofanda66 said :

    Losing weight slowly will give your skin time to bounce back as much as it can. Fast weight loss will cause saggy skin. I wouldn’t recommend more then 2 lbs per week.

  3. Agent319.007 said :

    Stretching, body lifting, weight lifting, walking, and aerobic excercise. You need to build up on your abs and muscle mass. If not, you will sag like a helium balloon loosing air. Not attractive.

  4. bri89 said :

    weight train for a while along with your diet and exercise you are doing now and see if you can keep up losing more than 2 lbs a week and if not slow down

  5. Sue C said :

    You’re young enuf that working out w/help fill out the extra skin & turn it into muscle. Lifting weights is an excellant way to build muscle. If you don’t have weights, use books or even cans of food to do things w/your arms. But you can “fill” in w/muscle & that looks good too! Good luck to you, keep up the good work. Walking is good for your legs. Push ups for your arms & chest area. Stand w/your legs slightly apart, hold your arms our straight toyour sides & just swing your upper body from side to side. That helps w/those “love handles”.

  6. zenithxana said :

    first congrats on your weight loss.
    As we age our skin’s elasticity becomes less and less able to spring back to normal. losing weight too fast can also cause this.

    Don’t cut out your sleep too much. You should still get about 8 hours a day. it’s the esnacks before you go to sleep that are the problem.

    Please do not get discouraged when you reach a point when you stop losing. Your body is just taking a break. Not gaining anymore weight one week can be an accomplishment, too.

    Losing 80+ pounds may need the help of a doctor to get rid of the extra skin.

  7. Iritadragon said :

    It really doesn’t matter how big you get (as long as you are not grossly overweight). What matters is how healthy your skin is, and the skin type you were born with.

    The Vitamins that directly affect skin health are…
    Making sure you are taking these daily along with lots of water for hydration is VITAL to help your skin repair itself.

    If you can stand to do it, you should replace EVERY FLUID in your diet with water–but make sure you don’t drink too much. You need to keep your skin hydrated, but you can make yourself sick if you drink TOO much.

  8. Laurie said :

    i have heard that if you lose weight slowly, your skin will be less likely to sag. but, i also heard a professional trainer say, “you didn’t gain 2 lbs. a week. why try to lose it that way?” ultimately, i would say talk to you doctor. great job on the weight lose. hope i can follow your lead. keep up the good work.

  9. peoplehi5 said :

    You don’t want to exceed the max b/c it affects your metabolism and it will be hard to keep the weight off if you are not continually pushing yourself on a strict diet and exercise regime. The faster you lose, the more sag you will see.

    Going slower (like 0.5lbs/week) will reduce skin sag significantly, but based on your height and weight, I wouldn’t feel safe with a full prediction of eliminating sag … going SUPER slow would maximize your ability to keep the weight off, not damage your metabolism, and result in the least possible excess skin, but I know the desire for results can make this hard …

    tip #328 in this link reiterate some of this

  10. Raymond L said :

    Congratulations – you have just inspired me:)


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