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What is the best training tip for running a marathon?

Im looking for training tips for running a amarathon, anything from what to eat or how you should go about training.

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7 Responses to “What is the best training tip for running a marathon?”

  1. [x]_katie said :

    one thing is some people like to train even longer distances so on the day it feels easier.

  2. Nifty said :

    keep running…………….and er……don’t stop

  3. absolutmex said :

    run and run. make sure you start training early. I run the Army 10Miler marathon. In the army you run a time 2 mile run and i improved my time by over 3 minutes. i run a 12:20 2 mile run. Training: Sprint one lap around the 400m, then jog for 400m. rest for about a min, do it all over again. do about 8 reps. that should help you build speed. now to build endurance run uphill at about a 15 degree incline that should do you some good. work on your situps too, will help you breathe better and last longer if you can control your breathing and provide enough oxygen to the body. your ab muscles are very important when running. if you follow these steps you should be on your way to a good marathon. good luck!

  4. darksamus456 said :

    if your planning on running the marathon…i suggest that u run 2 hours a day(at any pace)….before and after the run…u should drink a protein drink

  5. blah blah oops!! said :

    make sure you’re fit to do it

  6. retroman said :

    Join a road runners group at your local athletics club then it’s basically run and run and run the body has two muscle types
    twitch and slow twitch is the sprinter muscles slow is for marathon runners make sure you are in the right group or it really will be distressful

  7. blah said :

    The biggest tip i have is that your body reacts to the time it takes to do the marathon more then it does the distance it runs. Even though calories are burned by the mile, the effort is more of a time constraint.

    Search the web, there are several training plans that are based on what time you expect to run. Be honest with that time. A good training plan will take at least 3 or 4 monthes, some take more, it depends on your fitness level now. Find a plan that you like and stick with it. You’re probably looking at running every day, plus some really long runs at least once a week.

    As for eating, eat healthy and you’ll be fine. The week before, you can carbo-load, but you don’t need to change any eating habits if you already have a decent diet. If you only eat garbage, well, it doesn’t matter if you’re training, you need to change that.

    Good luck.


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