What is the best thing to take to gain muscle quick while working out?

I am working out and want to gain some muscle quick before I go in the air force. What is something I can take that really works like something from gnc or somewhere like there that will help me out quick?
Any specific product anyone has used and found it to work good?

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2 Responses to “What is the best thing to take to gain muscle quick while working out?”

  1. Simon said:

    A good high protein diet…when you wake up,in the day,snack,dinner,before bed.

  2. Darrin_lean_muscle said:

    Your question says “while” working out, so I’m assuming you mean during your workout. In that case, you want a fast protein and a fact carb combined. The key is that you want to deliver protein to your muscles as quickly as possible to start the recovery process. Muscles grow AFTER your workouts, not during.

    So, what I recommend is whey protein in skim milk, possibly with a banana. Other people recommend a simple chocolate milk (protein and sugar).

    If you didn’t really mean “while” working out, then things get far more complicated and there is no simple answer beyond eating lean protein and clean carbs (veggies, complex carbs like oatmeal) every 3 hrs.


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