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What is the best recommended medicine for fever and vomiting?

What is the best recommended over the counter medicine for fever and vomiting? Does anyone know?

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5 Responses to “What is the best recommended medicine for fever and vomiting?”

  1. George C said :

    Pepto Bismol.

  2. dumpsterdd90 said :

    Well I got the flu real bad in January. I went to the doctor to see what he could do for me, and all he said was to take 2 advils every 4 hours, and basically stay in bed all day, getting as much sleep as your body will take. You have to just let the virus run its course. Advils reduce fever, and sleep heals your body promoting the end of the virus.

  3. momoftwo said :

    Motrin and Tyelnol for fever….take them together they work in different ways

    Eat ice chips or get a slurpee from 7-11 for upset tummy Maybe some sprite too.

  4. Rubym said :

    That can be tricky, since some medications, like Advil, or other Ibuprophen drugs can upset people’s stomachs. Tylenol is usually OK, it does not cause nausea or stomach problems in as many people. Aspirin or Ibuprophen are harder on the stomach.

    Peptol- Bismol or something like that can help the nausea, but the most important thing is to try and keep fluids down. Not so much that it comes right back up, but a little at a time, like sips of water, warm tea (non-caffeinated if possible) or ice chips. Liquids and as any woman who has been pregnant knows, sometimes saltines or other crackers can help get a little food down.

    Peptol Bismol has some aspirin in it (not a lot), so be careful if someone is sensitive or allergic to aspirin or has taken aspirin for pain or fever. For diarrhea you can also take Peptol-Bismol or Immodium AD. It can make you a little constipated after you take it, after the diarrhea stops.

  5. mrejr1234 said :

    i am not a doctor and dont know if i am going to spell it right but emetrol is great for nausea (vomiting)


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