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What is the best medicine to take to prevent malaria?

I am traveling abroad. My doctor prescribed Malarone, but I have heard that it upsets people’s stomachs. I know there are other types of malaria prevention medicine. The most helpful answers would be people who have taken the drug/drugs. Thank you so much!

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One Response to “What is the best medicine to take to prevent malaria?”

  1. chesspl said:

    First I would make sure that you actually need antimalarial medication. I traveled to Guatemala and I met several Americans who were on prophylaxis but since I had done my research and checked with the U.S. State Department recommendations, I knew that I would not need it.

    There are many different kinds of medications, especially since now there are resistant strains in certain areas. I would call your local health department and ask to speak to a nurse. He/she will be very knowledgable about all of the options and the side effects. Also, even if you know people affected my Malarone, it does not mean that you will be affected. Hope this is helpful.


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