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What is the best healthy breakfast to kick start your day?

is shredded wheat with a handful of all – bran and an apple or banana chopped up with semi – skimmed milk a healthy breakfast?
I find shredded wheat blocks me up, so the all bran wil help?

what do you have for your breakfast that fills you up for a few hours but is healthy?

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9 Responses to “What is the best healthy breakfast to kick start your day?”

  1. D said :

    I quite enjoy porridge in the morning.

  2. lawyer_amy said :

    Yes I think that’s a healthy breakfast.

    I find the best thing to fill you up is porridge – keeps me full for hours!

  3. lmkbabe147 said :

    i love oatmeal with fruit on top. i also like toast with peanut butter with a yogurt and fruit. yummy(=

  4. Veronica said :

    fruit. or like weaties cereal.

  5. Nate said :

    You are missing protein but you can make it up elsewhere. All bran will help with that.

    I pretty much have the same breakfast everyday.

    A shake containing: 1 serving of whey protein (20g of actual protein), Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries (All frozen). A fresh banana. Then I add some cranberry extract.

    A lot of times that is enough but sometimes I have an all bran muffin with laughing cow on top.

    Lastly I have a multivitamin, a vitamin D and a vitamin C. Occasionally have a calcium and magnesium vitamin.

    Warning: I am not normal lol.

  6. steamy said :

    Porridge with milk….

    I know it sounds bizarre but as I got older and my bones got creakier I knew I needed to add more milk cos when I was younger it was all low fat everything and no milk.

    Anyway semi skimmed milk (1pt) plus a mug of porridge oats, microwave on full for 10 minutes is 2 good servings of breakfast – obviously halve it all for one. It is the only breakfast that gets me to 12 o’clock from 7am without snacking, and you can have a bit of sugar, honey, jam or fruit or anything with it!! And best of all there are very few calories compared to many cereals you can buy!

  7. i <3 u x said :

    Oat meal/ Porridge is a super food and is filling

    a super food is a really healthy food. OR have shredded wheat with Bran and some blackcurrants or Blueberries sprinkled on top ( very healthy super foods )

  8. Clifton said :


  9. Lightskinned BARBIE0821 said :

    Chocolate Chip Granola Bars and a glass of Milk ROCKS!!!!


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