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What is the best form of cardio for rapid fatloss?

I am trying to get down to 4 or 5% bodyfat. Right now I swim for my cardio but I recently found out that the body will actually store a layer of fat to keep you warm in the water. This makes sense. I remember when I played water polo, even though we were doing more cardio than any other sport, alot of us had a decent amount of fat.

I’m thinking cycling might be the best because it is similarly low impact like swimming except the body wont add that layer of fat.
Note: I am looking to compete in amateur bodybuilding competitions so 10-15%+ will not cut it.
Krieger. Unfortunately, I don’t have an authoritative source for the subcutaneous accumulation of fat. All I know is even though we would have 2 practices a day totaling over 4 hours a day 7 days a week where we would be doing intense cardio, alot of us (including myself) had a slight layer of fat despite pretty decent eating habits.

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7 Responses to “What is the best form of cardio for rapid fatloss?”

  1. Joe B said :

    you should try interval running, For example, sprint for 30 seconds at full speed then walk for 45 sec-1 min

  2. Matt said :

    4-5%? No. Shoot for 10-15%, it is much healthier, trust me. But yes, cycling is an excellent cardio workout. So is running, but cycling is less taxing on your joints. And biking outdoors is good too, great stress relief if you take some scenic bike routes.

  3. namisswash said :

    For rapid fat loss the best possible cardio is interval cardio training. If you don’t know what that is, let me know.

  4. opinionatedmedic said :

    Joe told you the best way to do it and preserve muscle. You dont have to run to do it, you could jump rope or work a heavy bag, heck you could even do it on a bike. If you just ride your bike 10 miles you will lose alot of muscle mass. I know this is true becaue thats what happened to me. My legs were ok but my upper body shrnk down alot. Also look at Tabata.

  5. jtwill85 said :

    Be prepared to completely change your lifestyle if you want to do this naturally. Expect to pay $125-$150 a week alone on groceries that are fat free, sodium free and essential sugar only. I’m 17% body fat, and I looked at diets for getting down to this %. There simply is no way to do it on cardio alone.

    Best of luck to you

    That said, running, or HIIT to be more specific is by far the best cardio as far as calories burnt per minute at nearly 20 a minute after a full 20 minute cycle. Techno dancing isn’t a bad alternative thoughat 17per minute 🙂

  6. krieger said :

    4 or 5 % bodyfat is competition level for professional bodybuilders. It is not usually healthy, or even possible, to sustain that for an extended period of time. To get that low takes an extremely restrictive diet and very focused exercise plan. Somewhere around 6-10% will still get you the 6 pack, but be much better for you and easier to maintain.

    For the type of cardio, it really doesn’t matter. All that is relevant is the number of calories you burn. I would suggest running over cycling- cycling only uses the legs (primarily the quads), while running gets more groups going. An elliptical trainer is another good option. Or maybe alternate between a bike and rowing; you should be able to last longer. The more muscle you recruit, the more you burn. And unless you have knee problems, a little impact is good for your bones.

    As for the swimming causing you to store extra fat.. what?! I have never heard anything like that, and it doesn’t make much sense to me. The leanest guy I know swims almost exclusively for cardio, and he most definitely doesn’t have an extra layer of fat sitting around. My guess is diet would be more relevant there. You’ve made me curious though; I don’t suppose you have the source?

  7. Anita said :

    If you’re doing bodybuilding 4% is good… 10-15 is where women should be at normally to be healthy I think…don’t quote me. heh. But still try bike riding or believe it or not dancing. Dance if it’s a faster pace will actually burn a lot of fat.


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