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What is the best food you can eat each day to stay healthy?

Im trying to eat healthy but i dont know what kinds of food to eat besides fruits and vegetables. i eat those but anything else.

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8 Responses to “What is the best food you can eat each day to stay healthy?”

  1. Nutty Girl said :

    a good mix of diary meats and fish and pulses all aid good healthy eating

  2. Sosgez of the potato people said :

    A wide variety is a good thing. Not too much fat, salt or carbs.

  3. AnswerMe said :

    Limit your intake of meat unless you want high cholesterol.

    Continue to eat tons of veggies and fruits. Doesn’t matter if it’s canned, frozened, steamed, just eat them!

    No fad diet foods, those don’t work. Really, you are doing great! Maybe eat some nuts, nuts are really healthy, but higher in calories so be careful.

    Hope this helps!

  4. rockingdaworld1992 said :

    a banana is a good thing to eat even if ur exercising that sugar in the banana rapildly changes into energy

  5. hey hey said :


  6. reallysuri said :

    Carry on with fruit and veg. Fish is very good ‘food for the brain’

  7. Helen N said :

    Don’t eat fried foods, anything greasy like chips and very little sugar. Look at the Nutrition Facts of the foods you’re eating. The less sodium and sugar the better.

    Eating healthy means foods like steamed or grilled chicken, turkey breast, and have a good portion of your daily fruits and vegetables. These vegetables needs to be steamed or grilled with as little butter or oil as possible. Use olive oil rather than butter or canola.

    If you don’t have time to cook the foods, don’t just go to McDonalds’. You need to find good replacements of fast food but healthier. I would suggest like Panera Bread or Subway (you need to get low fat or no mayo and other subsitutions that are healthy).

    Alls food have their bad side if you cook it unhealthy or if you eat it too much.

  8. deede 2013 said :

    I know it is kind of hard to eat healthy when all you have to eat is the same old fruits and vegetables. Right now i am also trying to eat healthy. Some of the things I eat are: Grilled chicken, lots of fish, mixed nuts, and my absolute favorite anything that is Special K brand. If you need more advice try going to this is a website that showed me some of the different healthy foods I could eat.


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