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What is the best food and weight program to gain muscle and weight fast?

I am a scrawny football player who needs to gain weight as well as muscle. I am 6’3″ and weigh 175 lbs. I need to gain weight so I can be a dominating player. Please help by giving me a food plan as well as a strenuous weight program. Thanks for your help

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5 Responses to “What is the best food and weight program to gain muscle and weight fast?”

  1. jus me said :

    sign up to they have great workout plans. i heard that u can eat high calorie foods and turn that into muscles.

    u can safly loose 2 to 3 lbs a week like i did. it took me 9 months to lose 90 lbs. everyday is filled the choices..keep making the right ones and ur weight will fly off. jus breathing and relaxing u burn somthing like 1400 so jus make sure that ur burning more then ur consuming.

    u can check out youtube for free vidioes too. i do hip hop abs with shaun t and super abs with billy blanks! i am now learning to belly dance..all cuz of the free vidoes there. i look so good i git hit on by guys 1/2 my age!

    what else helped me was when i put up a calender and i marked off what i did on each day and i felt better with th most days marked, and it was in my livingroom right where i see it all the time! good luck.

    work out everyday..alteast cardio. and push urself harder. i too was at a plautue then i relized i was doing “light” weights..when i wanted to have my muscle burn my fat!

    another tip is to git like 3 lunch bags (the cooler type) and make up all the food that u will eat for the day and put it in 1, making 3 bags at a time will help on days when u dont feel like the hassle u can grab one and go. it works for me, i fill mine with 100 calorie pack of chips, gum, fruit and a few powers to add to my drinks. i freeze 3 water bottle and not only can i drink them but they keep my food cold!

    and what is ur calorie intake? are u maxing out everyday? i found for me that staying under 1000 worked better for me! join that is an awsome site. u can download a diet plan and a workout plan. plus there is tons of info and tips!

  2. Sudent Nurse Jake said :

    high protein and high carbohydrate

    as well as multivitamins as you loose them when you sweat

    you must only increase your car bs and proteins if you have an exercise regime at the same time

    try drinks like lucosade and powerade when exercise they have special isotonic salts that help you retain vitamins and stop you loosing too much fluid

  3. Julie L said :

    If you want to do it the healthy way go to any GNC or any store like that they have a ton of products you can use for muscle gain and weight gain. It is not cheap but it does work because my husband goes there all the time to buy protein shake mixes and pills. They always answer his questions and give him the best advice on what to buy.

  4. Tommen said :

    Google starting strength and GOMAD, do them both

  5. bdm said :

    Read this and pretty much the whole site


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