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What is the best exercise to lose weight?

Hi. I am Carl, 17 years old, and weighs 79 kilos. I really want to lose weight! What do you think is the best exercise that can lose the most amount of weight. The exercise that I’m usually doing is push-up.

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14 Responses to “What is the best exercise to lose weight?”

  1. MuscleMonsters said :

    The best workout for losing weight aside form a good diet is walking. Walk 3 days a week for like an hour eahc day. Also, drink lots of water. Heres some more tips if your interested, just basic everyday stuff you can do to help.

  2. UltraViolence said :

    good diet, but running is best

  3. LoveIt <3 said :

    you need cardio to lose fat, brisk walking for 30mins or jog for 20 once a day combined with 3 healthy meals and snack on fruit only, drink only water as well. You can lose 4-6lb a month healthily with this

  4. camillacat77 said :

    I always feel as if I lose the most weight (the quickest) by doing high energy aerobics or running/jogging. Anything to get your blood pumping for awhile. I find when I do good aerobics, the weight sorta just melts off.

  5. mitchdude930 said :

    Parkour. look it up on youtube and try to get the hang of it. its fun an a good weight loser (or however you’d put it)

  6. Adam N said :

    For a complete body work out and best results, swimming. It’s low impact, works every muscle in your body and doing it 3 times a week for 45 minutes. You’ll shed a pile of weight.

  7. Peter P said :


    It gives you a good all round body workout and is fantastic for your aerobic ability.

    Walking is also one of the better ways to get losing the weight, but you really do have to get to it and put in the miles. Walk wherever you can instead of taking the bus or car. Cycling is good too but is less effort over any distance (except uphill).

    Also, be aware that 79kg at 17 doesn’t mean too much to people reading your full question. Your height, build and state of health is more relevant than your age.

    And don’t take the BMI as being anything other than an general indication.

    Good luck.

  8. Kristina S said :

    u should walk for about an hour everyday at a 2.0 mph speed….and reduce ur calorie intake and add more fiber to ur diet!

  9. arizwldcat said :

    Push ups, and other forms of weight training are essential to developing lean muscle. Lean muscle is more dense than fat, so it takes up less room while weighing a bit more. However, having lots of lean muscle allows you to have a faster metabolism, which is also good for weight loss.

    However, as important as strength training is, you need to find a cardio activity you enjoy. My nephew lost weight when he was about your age by learning how to play DDR very well. If you engage in any activity for 30 minutes and it raises your heart rate to 70 to 80 percent of its maximum, then that’s a good cardio activity. No single cardio activity is better than all the rest, but the important thing is that it needs to be something YOU enjoy and will keep doing, because the point is to get healthy and stay healthy! Personally, I get the best workout from “spin” class.

  10. costa said :

    the best way to slim down is to walk long distances persistently. doing push-ups and stuff will convert your fats to chunks of muscle which are prone to turning back into fats if you don’t maintain the workout routine. but for walking, you can slim down nicer

  11. lee_terry_jr said :

    push ups will not help that much cuz muscle has more weight than fat so if u want to lose weight there is

    walking running jogging biking swimming jumping and going up and down stairs

    i dont recommend doing them all at once what i did was when i woke up after breakfast i would jog a mile. then after lunch i go up and down stairs. then after dinner i either swim or bike if u swim wait half hour after u eat dinner
    keep it up and lose weight fast

  12. mansionghost said :
  13. frmilk said :

    maybe you can try drink coffer

  14. Healthy Helen said :

    One of the best exercise to lose weight is stationary biking because it burns more calories than most casual exercises that people do to lose weight. If you rather exercise on a real bike, that’s fine too.
    Cycling uses the large leg muscles to pedal and this translate into burning more calories because the large leg muscles expend more energy during work. Depending on your current weight, you can burn more than 400 calories from 30 minutes of moderate cycling.
    If you need to purchase a stationary bike as exercise equipment, get the bike that gives you back support as well as a comfortable seat. Comfort is the name of the game when you use this equipment often. Most stationary bikes are very inexpensive and can be purchased at your local sporting good store.


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