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What is the best exercise for losing weight on my hips and bum?

ive been going to the gym and im toning u but its my waist and stomach that are losing iv still got a big bum!

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4 Responses to “What is the best exercise for losing weight on my hips and bum?”

  1. Bonnie W said :

    eat right walk every day and do uper leg exercises

  2. wolfmettle said :

    Try swimming and cut down on the biscuits.

  3. AWOL said :

    There are excercies you can do to tone up your bum, running and the cross trainer are good, any cardio excercies will burn fat, you can also do squats, excellent with the fit ball – put the ball between your back and the wall and do squats like this, also leg raises lying on your side. Not sure about hips, but these are good for the bum and upper thighs. Also the stair machine is really good for your bum, or just running up stairs 2 at a time.

  4. Anthony B said :

    Big bum are very nice as long as it’s not too big and you have got other stuffs to match it but you can try doing some yoga classes


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