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what is the best excercise for weight loss and trying to avoid skin sag?

Hi could anyone tell me what excersises are best to do while on a weight loss plan??which are best for toning and for avoiding sagging skin after weight loss

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5 Responses to “what is the best excercise for weight loss and trying to avoid skin sag?”

  1. Koko said :

    the best exercises to lose weight and avoid saggy skin are low impact exercises such as walking, swimming and cycling. results will be slightly slower than running but you are much less likely to suffer from sagging skin because will have time shrink as you lose the fat thats under it.

  2. northcarrlight said :

    Yoga – get to a class DO NOT ATTEMPT ALONE or unsupervised it can go wrong
    simple answer for a simple question, hope you find the strength to give it a try

  3. missshoppieshoppie said :

    The best way to avoid saggy skin when loosing weight is to do it slowly and to make sure you vary your workouts and your diet. Strenght training is just as impostant as cardiovascular workouts. Do squats, lunges, pressups, the plank, etc.

  4. gary said :

    Hi angel31
    here is a good website to look for weight loss tips

  5. Mike said :

    check it out….Weight loss Tips


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