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What is the best diet for me? and Does losing weight fast make you have a big head in the end?

Hi I am new to this
I am currently 17 years old , male , 200 lbs , 6’0
I currently attend a martial arts gym called Muay Thai
Everyday I do 30 minutes on treadmill in a nylon or leather jacket (I don’t know exactly what the material is but it keeps by sweat inside)
Ive been doing this since Feburary and lost about 25 pounds without a formal diet
Im looking forward to lose weight faster so I can enjoy my final years of high school
Since last week I’ve been recommended the protein diet
and since then I’ve been eating protein food most of the time
breakfast : a glass of soy milk with 2 handful of peanuts
lunch: 80% of the time I dont eat or 20% i eat bun-less hamburger
dinner: a few roasted drumsticks and/or a small box of pork I buy at a Chinese fast food restaurant (don’t know if its healthy)
Today I ate soy milk and peanuts for breakfast , went to the gym , then ate a package of Parmesan cheese (hard cheese) with 4 roasted drumsticks (I was hungry :x)
Is this a good diet?

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