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what is the best celebrity fitness dvd to lose weight fast?

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18 Responses to “what is the best celebrity fitness dvd to lose weight fast?”

  1. galoffly said :

    the cher workout 1 is great if you can keep up it worked for me

  2. jessyka_g said :


  3. alessandro C said :

    Jade Goody

  4. slushi said :

    Wags workout i have lost loads.

  5. boston_grl said :

    I like Carmen Electra’s strip tease dvd.
    ITs sexy and u lose weight

  6. AngeG said :

    None of them! You will watch it once & then it’ll will collect dust or go in the bin. Save your cash!

  7. Boston K said :

    gunner peterson 😀

  8. JenC said :

    I’m not sure about celebrity DVD’s … but I absolutely love the Beachbody Power 90 and Turbo Jam DVD’s. I’ve had great success with these.

  9. melodi said :

    So many on the market. Best in my opinion is Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons.

  10. IAmJamieLee said :

    carmen electra’s strip for fitness series

  11. In My Neighborhood said :

    Each person is different.
    The best one for you is the one that keeps you going!

  12. Ricki said :

    Billy Blanks Tae Bo. Can’t go wrong. Never disappoints.

  13. k1tten71 said :

    Paddy and Max’s DVD. It is really funny but u do lose weight and have a good laugh at the same time

  14. Bharat P said :

    none of them dont waste your money on this stupid things , they are there to make money on people, i am sure you do not need to loose any weight , if someone has told you to do this than they are not your real friends, if you want to loose weight than all you need to do is cut down on sugar, cut down on drinks, eat healthy food , like vegetables, fruits, dry fruits is good as well, and some walking excerises, and when you are restless at home sit on the floor , fold your legs sit up straight touch your knees with both your hands, close your eyes, sit there for at least 10 too 15 minutes everyday,

  15. BillBeerstein said :

    Probably something from Ironminds to increase your squat.

  16. =)) said :

    none of them!! you’ll only loose weight(fat) as fast as you’ve put it on,no dvd,or tablets are going to make you loose weight,its always been the same old saying,just eat better food,less calories,and do some, or more exercise.its a method that WILL work,and has always worked if you include it into your lifestyle.

  17. Jamie-lee A said :

    Ministry of sound – pump it up.. It’s excellent, Really gets you working and you feel great afterwards, There are about 4 steps on the dvd to go through, it really is good, i reccomend it, especially if your the type of person who gets bored of something quickly, the music in its great too 😀

  18. mrangelosd said :

    Rambo with Stalone, spend some time in jungle, with no food, run over the hills, trees and wild animals.
    One week quick losing fat guaranteed , either as effect of being eaten or just by all above exercises.


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