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What is the best and safest ways to lose weight?

i need to lose a few pounds but i love food what should I do!! and i want to lose weight safely haw can i lose weight and not starve my self and try to reduce cravings?

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11 Responses to “What is the best and safest ways to lose weight?”

  1. SG Elite said :

    Eat moderately; exercise regularly. I know it’s like you’ve always heard these but these are the ones that’ll give you permanent results if you exercise decipline.

  2. faces_in_condensation said :

    Just eat normally, if you dont knwo what that is read th epackage, if it says on the ice cream thing 1 serving = 1/2 cup then eat 1/2 cup, usuallky we just grab it and eat, but you should eat normal servings to start with.

    if your going to eat chips or omething eat a handful, and then put the bag away, dont leave the bag out, becuas emost ppl leave the bags out see them and eat it just because it’s there. just let yourself eat wha’ts in your hand and then dont think about it anymroe.

    if your getting a really bad craving…let’s use chcoolate for an example. grab a fun size chocolate candy or something, eat it and then brush your teeth, most cravings come becuase we still have the taste in our mouth so if you give your body what it wants and then get the taste out your craving will go away.

    if your reall ywanting some ice cream of chocolate like i said, le tyourself have some dont starve yourself, just eat in moderation intead of king size get a funsize candy bar, and instead of eating a huge bowl of ice cream eat just a couple scoops.

    good luck losing wegiht!

  3. mscur93031 said :

    Exercise and leave McDonald’s alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. xchipowers said :

    Work out three times a week for an hour. Eat healthy foods– this doesn’t necessarily mean eating Salads 24/7. Buy a light cooking book or a health food book. It is also possibly to eat Healthy Choice or Lean Cuisine if you are short on time. If you want to go to fast food, don’t get burgers, get a parfait. Eat three square meals a day.

    I cannot emphasize working out at least 3 hours a week [spread out]. If too much, it could strain your body so kind of even it out. I signed myself up for the 3 year 24hr fitness plan. I dunno it was like buy 2 years, get something free. Anyways whatever! Take classes, it’s fun instead of working out by yourself.

    As for craving, I think you just have to psychologically train yourself– or get your friends to help.

    We got my friend off of soda by stopping soda with her. For several of us [including me], we already dislike soda. My friend says, after a week, once it’s out of your system, she kinda doesn’t even crave soda anymore.

    For me, I like to think of greasy, fatty foods something that will gain me a lot of pounds and makes me feel really oily myself– I hate breaking out and oily hair! It makes me feel really self-concious. Using this self-concious/guilt trip makes me avoid fatty foods….

    Good Luck !

  5. Princess said :

    Well start running a Big Park atleast 3 times around or more STOP eating McDonalds,Rally,etc.Dont eat i the Night 6pm till 10 am only drink WATER

  6. the_alchemist said :

    Actually, it all depends how you badly want to lose weight. It all boils down to discipline and being able to eat what you want but in small portions.
    When it comes to eating, it helps to eat five small meals a day. Never skip breakfast because the tendency is to overeat because of hunger.
    I also love food especially sweets and pastries. What i do is that i eat them at a specific day of the week.
    For example, chocolates, I eat them 2 or three times a week in small portions. At least i can still savor my favorite foods.
    When you’re deprived of something, you tend to compensate for the lack of it.
    Engage in activities like sports and even walking.
    Another is that when you are hungry, reach for some fruits.

  7. MR.DESTINY said :


  8. kriz10 said :

    The Trim Advantage system is the best I know of.

    This kit delivers, with complete support for your first 30 days on the Trim Body System Protein Plus Diet. The kit includes a binder to hold the print materials, which include the Quick Start Guide, a 12-page booklet that introduces you to the plan. It also includes Meal Plan Cards that step you through every meal for 30 days, including shopping tips, meal preparation, supplements, and recipes. Eighteen detailed, full-colour Recipe Cards show you how to fix simple, healthy meals, fast. And a week’s worth of 10-minute exercises are described on the Fitness Cards, so you can take your exercise plan with you, wherever you go.

    In the kit is a 2-DVD set that features a physician discussing the health effects of being overweight, a fitness expert who introduces you to and coaches you through all the exercises in the 4-3-2-1 Body Training System, and an introduction to the Protein Plus Diet. The kit also includes Nutrilite and Mekiwin weight-loss support supplements and protein powder and Trim Advantage protein bars and meal replacement shake mix.

    The Trim Body System is designed to encourage the kinds of changes in lifestyle that may result in lifelong weight loss. Medical authorities recommend a weight loss of no more than 2-3 pounds a week to reduce the health risks associated with more rapid weight loss.

    *The Protein Plus Diet was developed by The Better Life InstituteTM and approved by the Nutrilite Health Institute.

    You can order the Trim Advantage system at (use the search field at the bottom of the screen).

  9. Debbie W said :

    The SAFEST way is to see a nutritionist (your doc can refer you – this way your health insurance will cover it too!) Dont be sucked in by all those fad diets cuz they really dont work. Eating without overindulging, staying active and cutting out fattening chips, dips, snacks, chocolate, etc will show an improvement not only in your physical appearance, but mental health as well. Start exercising with friends to music, walk every day before dinner (exercise actually cuts your appetite in half!), have fun. Think of fun ways to become more active and choose healthy snacks when vegging later on the couch! Good luck!

  10. fruit bat said :

    You would be surprised at how much you can lose simply by cutting back on portion sizes, eating healthier, drinking lots of water, and exercising. If you drink alot of cokes then cut back on them.

  11. natarajan l said :

    The best and safest method for loosing weight is by taking less food and more and more water. Take more fruits, green vegetables and avoid mutton, beef and eggs. Chicken is OK.

    Lots of exercise will be better. Do not sleep in day time and try to walk everywhere as far as possible.

    Make mind fresh and smile and laugh more. And above all forget that you have over weight.

    Within a month you will loose quite some extra weight.


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