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What is the best and healthy way to lose weight fast?

I’ve heard that since I am young that I can get it off faster than someone twice my age. ( I’m 22. 🙂 ) So what can I do that is healthy, fast and actually works? I don’t want to join a gym or have to pay to lose weight. ( I might buy some vitamin pills or something along that line) But nothing that will put a hole in my pocket. I’ve tried the whole water diet. (Where you cut off the sodas and just drink water) And all I ever did was just pee alot, which got annoying. Lol. But pleeaassee! People who have lost weight, what did you do and how did you keep it off? Thank youu!

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7 Responses to “What is the best and healthy way to lose weight fast?”

  1. dirkle1 said :

    The whole weight loss issue is really almost always answered simply; eat right and exercise. I, personally have found that the issue is rarely about calorie input, but rather, all about calorie output. I have lost 100lbs in six months before, and am currently well on my way to doing this again after 10yrs of gaining it back because of lifestyle changes. Here’s what I know that works.

    1. Go to the gym every day, work out (ie. sweat, breath hard, wear out your muscles) for at least one hour. Plan to get sore sometimes.

    2. Eat sensibly and frequently. This machine we call our body runs more efficiently when fueled and working hard. No restrictive diets will ever work for the long haul. I ate five or six small meals daily and actually increased calorie intake to lose that 100lbs the first time. I am doing it again now. In two months, I’m eating more and have dropped 25lbs, and I’m back to working out dailly.

  2. Grace J said :

    You might think about trying this book called “The Movie Star Diet” by Steve Simmons. It helped me lose thirty pounds in 2 1/2 months when I didn’t think anything would work. My goal to begin with was only 20 lbs! It has a really easy plan to follow and an excellent workout as well.

  3. gb said :

    Dear Allison

    In order to lose weight you need to lose more calories each day compared to the calories you intake. Therefore eat food with low calories and increase physical activity such as window shopping.

    In fact there is a workshop going on this weekend 2nd Dec. Visit for more details. You can also give Trimcap a try to lose weight fast.

    Good Luck

  4. Sankara Sastri C said :

    Go for gradually increasing regular walks –cut excessive carbohydrates and sweets–regular eating habits and controlled sleeping hours-should help you-

  5. surfincybersis said :

    Dr. Oz “You on a diet” The best thing that ever came out of the Oprah show. Get the book read it. Do it for 2 weeks AND YOU WILL BE AMAZED!!

  6. Kelle said :

    Giiirl! People might tell you about calories fatty foods sugar blah blah blah,but the truth is nobody wants to hear the scientificness of losing weight! They just wanna lose it! Im gonna give u a personal experience, I hav lost weight a few times I can tend to get quite big sumtimes because I LOVE sweets, cakes, fried chicken/fish, doughnut everything!!!! But the key to losing weight comes from within you!! Discipline its the only way yes will power, because we all know WHAT to do tolose weight we just cant be arsed to do it! Yeah so back to the personale experience.

    I moved countries years ago, I wasnt too happy about that and I didnt like the food (at first I love it now) but I was so used to pizza and junk and I refused to eat anything else so I lived of a drink at school maybe a lollypop (how lame does that sound) when I got home Id have a small well food drink you might have shakes where ur from and I would eat fruit anytime and also sometimes at my cousins eat rice and gravy. But I lost a WHOLE HEAP OF WEIGHT!! I started out really horrid fat and ended up slim slim slim in about two months I think or three. Not many though now ppl wud say dont eat lolly pop and things if u wanna lose weight but I walked to school and back and there was a huge hill to climb to get to my cuz so all in all EXSERCISE helps 2.

    I have lost weight again since I eat one meal a day which sum ppl will say is not gud but whatever. I would just say im gonna fit into this and do it I didnt care what it took.

    If you get in alot of work outs or games regularly u can eat what u like ive found but u also find that when u do all that u dont fancy fatty foods as much its when ur in front the tv that u do. Hmm what more can I say I think Ive gone off track…

    U can try the cabage soup diet where u lose 7lbs in a week or more the fatter u are (no offense) and um work out or run whatever. Look up diets online, atkins work for sum ppl. U can actually eat what u like as long as the “calories” in it dont exceed the ones u lose so in fact if you eat a pizza that is 1000 calories and drank water and that is all u ate for the day u will lose weight but peeps say that aint healthy. Whatever do yo thang girl and do whatever ur prepared to do. Good luck. Sorry for going on so long!!

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