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What is the best and fastest peice of gym equipment for losing weight?

i want to lose weight by going to the gym and i want to know what the best piece of equipment is that make the weight fall off. and also the best gym equipment for toning your body aswell.thank you…!!!

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5 Responses to “What is the best and fastest peice of gym equipment for losing weight?”

  1. andrew r said :

    Its usually leg work. So step machines, treadmills and squatting exercises /machines.

  2. Matthew F said :

    The aliptical machine is the best ever. I lost 90lbs in 1 year with that.

  3. sejbombz_lollipop said :

    Treadmills and the rowing boat machine (sorry don’t know the real term for it).
    Just don’t go on the treadmill too long at first, I came off and couldn’t get my legs to work properly, the floor was spinning.Most gyms have advisors/instructors who can tell you what equipment will be best for your ideal area’s to be less fat.

  4. oo_ elf _oo said :

    Cross Trainers

    you get a FULL body cardio workout with toning with NO impact like running has on the back..

  5. Dr Frank said :

    Its a toss up between the treadmill and the cross-trainer. However it is a better Idea to have a balanced exercise program. Your gym trainer will advise you.


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