What is that fat loss shot called?

They inject some stuff in the area you want fat to be gone. A lot of star are using it

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6 Responses to “What is that fat loss shot called?”

  1. tripleplayj said:

    Dont know, some other form of liposuction possibly

  2. jannsody said:

    Perhaps lipodissolve(?) I’m not sure of the safety and effectiveness of it though. If seriously considering any type of plastic surgery procedure, please make sure that they are board certified in plastic surgery.


    http://www.makemeheal.com has a message board where laypeople can post and it’s free to register.

    It’s best, however, to go au natural and start with healthful eating and physical activity to get and keep in shape.



  3. Debs said:

    Are you talking about mesotherapy? That is where they inject some type of liquid into the fat deposits and it is supposed to melt the fat.

  4. sundaizie ♥ said:

    there is a vitamin B 12 or 6 I think…You’re better off taking the vitamin supplement in pill form …..It’s a good energy and feel good vitamin… ♥

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