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What is oncology ?

Oncology involves the study, diagnosis and treatment of any type of cancer. A doctor specializing in oncology is called an oncologist, but since cancer can develop in different parts of the body, oncologists study in a specialization, making them bone oncologists, breast oncologists and so on. Some doctors specialize in the treatments of cancer, such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Due to the complexity of the study of cancer, oncology involves extensive research into the different types of cancers, their respective causes and possible treatments. Since thousands of people suffer from various types of cancers every day, continuous studies and research are implemented in various parts of the world. Some oncologists focus on treating patients, while others perform research geared to find a new cure for cancer.

Before, the only treatment of cancer involved removing tumors using primitive means. For the last 25 years, the field of oncology has made huge improvements in preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer patients. Although prevention and early detection remains the best methods of dealing cancer, many scientists are still hoping to find a cure for the common and rare types of cancer.

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