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What is healthy to pack for lunch for school?

I never been lunchbox before so this year i need a healthy choice of food to eat for lunch.I am a vegiterrian so meat is limited to very little to no meat.Please help or give recipes for easy lunches that are healthy but taste pretty good and have no meat or very little like ham samwhiches and turkey is ok.

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3 Responses to “What is healthy to pack for lunch for school?”

  1. lala said :

    well soups is good- use microwave or thermos
    granola bars

    LEFT OVERs are great

  2. Whist said :

    Apples and carrots (the big carrots) are good if you are a vegetarian. Peanut butter is tasty but has grease and makes you feel disgusting later…not good esp if you are in high school.

    I would also suggest an assortment of roasted low salt nuts and water.

    I would not suggest lettuce because it starts going bad and turning a disgusting brown.

    Spinach is a great source of energy and really good minerals and vitamins.

    Apples: Nutritious and help clean teeth as well as fill you up and keep you full longer.

    Carrots: Good source of vitamins and minerals to help memory and eyesight.

    Roasted Nuts: Great source of protein which your body needs when you are active and studying.

  3. Kattie said :

    I’m not exactly sure how ham sandwiches and turkey are vegetarian :S

    But things that are good for lunchboxes are foods more like salads and prepackaged things. I personally hate sandwiches in lunchboxes, cause they get all gross and soggy. D: Small portions of leftover pastas and dryer noodle dishes are good, and pack pretty well, especially if you don’t mind them cold (I like mine better cold. xD). Bread items in general aren’t the best, especially if there’s something else containing moisture that’ll collect in the bread and make it gross. If you really want to pack sandwiches, I’d put all the vegetable like stuff in a separate bag, and bring little condiment packets, like from restaurants. Then the bread will stay good, and you can just make it up really quick at school. Oh and of course, rice! Though for health purposes, it’d have to be brown rice. And since I don’t consider ham and turkey vegetarian, to have a little container of tofu to mix with the rice (which you can have seasoned or whatever beforehand), would be really good. 😀

    Hope this helps! And it made me incredibly hungry. 😉


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