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What is healthy cheap food for a student?

I am trying to be healthy and loose about a stone.
However, my current student super noodle diet does not seem the way forward.
What real, healthy food can I cook eat that is relatively cheap?
I can cook proper food like chilli and things but because everything comes in bulk it is hard to just make enough for one person.
Any ideas?

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11 Responses to “What is healthy cheap food for a student?”

  1. Curious said :

    Spaghetti bolognaise. It’s so easy and cheap! You just need spaghetti, lean mince, and a jar of sauce. Then you can add veggies, like broccoli if necessary, which are also cheap. Or you could have a packet of salad and dressing after, cheap too.

    Most of the cheap meals are pasta based. Another one is pasta, tomato sauce and courgettes if you’re a veggie.

    Jacket potatoes are great. They provide all the nutrients you need, and then all you need is cheese or beans or coleslaw on top for your fibre.

  2. elmer said :

    if you are on the go this food will help you the NUTRI GAIN i am considering it a healthy food because it contains vitamins and minerals that will help you to grow faster and become a healthy person.

  3. George said :

    use veggies and fruits that are in season (in season = cheaper) and buy chickens and meats in smaller packages.

    anything nonperishable is good too, cause it can be saved.

    the more work you have to put into the food to make it = the cheaper pretty much.

    ALSO COSTCO, if you have one, is great! yes its huge bulk…but if you buy bulk frozen foods, they last forever (like chicken patties and hamburgers)

  4. Fate... said :


  5. Fred3663 said :

    2 ideas, check out –
    get some food containers and keep extra portions in fridge for another day

  6. mag1124 said :

    Peanut Butter – its a great source of protein and you can eat it on the fly. on a slice of bread or babel or on a banana.

    Soup – very, very healthy and easy to buy in a can or to go. its cheap and good for you. most grocery stores and sandwich shops have soup to go.

  7. Kayla said :

    okay thats a good question… ummm the things you should drink is water, milk, cranberry juice, orange juice.. foods are carrots, broccoli, beef that you can bake ( no frying).. i would recommend you to not eat any pork at all it has tons of fat. exersise helps that too. if your going to eat healthy exersise also… happy to help

  8. scentsnflavors said :


    spinach leaves
    olive oil
    green squash
    black olives
    tomato (s)
    dried Rosemary, oregano, thyme and Italian seasoning
    garlic powder
    black and red peppers
    mozzarella cheese,grated

    Cut Spinach Leaves into strips. Put in a bowl for a salad.
    Mix together in a separate bowl olive oil, squash, olives, tomato, seasonings, and cheese.

    Toss on salad. Refrigerate for 30-60 minutes or overnight.

    Top with croutons and serve. Makes a quick, healthy salad!


  9. rachel said :

    I’m not muslim, but i’ve found halal meat is alot cheaper. so buy that and dry pastas and tined tomatoes etc.

    also, markets are really cheap. I can buy a weeks worth of fruit and veg for my family of 4 and it will cost me between £5-£8

  10. Tilly said :

    Hi 🙂 Good luck with your weight loss and you’re right super noodles are not great when trying to lose weight.

    Beans on wholemeal toast is cheap and healthy, one of my absolute favorite breakfasts!

    My main bit of advice to you is (if you can) make stuff in bulk buy some little storage boxes and freeze individual portions for later. This reduces the cost (the ingredients are cheaper in bulk as you so rightly pointed out), it’s also quicker for when you can’t be botheredare too busy to cook a meal and reduces the risk of you resorting to takeaway or super noodles (a big risk, I know being a student myself). Things like chilli, pasta bakes etc are great for freezing and eating later. 🙂
    My other advice would be make your own packed lunch because it’s cheaper than canteen food and add in fresh fruit and vegetable sticks for snacking on.

    Hope that helps a little.

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