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What is good reading material for fitness and diet?

I’m looking to become a health nut. I’d like to know what the proper reading material is for the straightforward science of diet and fitness. There’s so much reading material, I don’t know where to begin.

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One Response to “What is good reading material for fitness and diet?”

  1. Crim Liar said :

    You probably want to start by subscribing to one of the magazines aimed at health and fitness for men. SUbscribing means you get a monthly push, mental jolt call it whatever you want. The most popular in terms of sales is Men’s Health, it’s quite light hearted, almost a lads mag with muscles and dietary advice, you get plenty of small tips and it’s easy to read. Second place goes to Men’s Fitness, it’s not so jaunty as MH but it does go into more detail, but it is a harder read.


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