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What is bloating ?

Bloating, which is also called distention, is a term describing abdominal swelling. There are several types of bloating, depending on the severity of a person’s condition – continuous distention refers to a serious bloating problem, while intermittent distention refers to a series of bloating occurring in different intervals.

Although there are various causes of bloating, most of them are related to a person’s diet. Bloating can occur if you eat salty foods, which causes water retention. Eating foods that can produce gas, such as beans and drinking carbonated beverages could also cause bloating. Overeating may sometimes result in bloating. However, a few changes to your eating habits can treat or prevent bloating.

Other health conditions like lactose intolerance can cause bloating and other symptoms after eating or drinking dairy-based products. People with irritable bowel syndrome and those prone to constipation usually experience bloating.

In some instances, even when proper diet changes have been done, people still experience bloating. Women undergoing their monthly menstrual cycle or those experiencing premenstrual syndrome could result in a mild or severe bloated feeling. Serious health conditions like ovarian cancer, liver disease, fibroids and other types of tumors can lead to various symptoms, including a bloated feeling. If you suffer from constant bloating, it is best to check with your doctor to rule out various health problems and arrive at an appropriate treatment.

Although there are herbal medications and over-the-counter medications available to counter bloating, it is important to consult your doctor before taking any drugs to avoid potential side effects.

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