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What is an effective way to loose weight fast?

I am looking to loose a lot of weight fats and iam determined in every way to do what it takes. I would like to loose as much as possible since I am 220 lbs and its starting to look disgusting on me. I need a fast way.. and minimum i would like to loose is 40 lbs. in 4 months or so …!! Please Help!!
I would really like to loose weight fast, I need an effective and understandable diet. Any opinions would help as well. I need to take it off fast and keep it off. I am willing to do anything to take it off fast. Thanks a lot.

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11 Responses to “What is an effective way to loose weight fast?”

  1. jenivive said:

    eat right

    walk 30 mins – hr a day

    work out more if u can

  2. Lost Soul said:

    Try Atkins Low Carb but check with your doctor first

  3. Buntee Baby said:

    small portions… excercise

  4. tuff luv said:

    Read tips & articles on different types of diets, exercise programs, yoga & much more….

    All about weight loss, weight watchers, Tea diets, easy home exercises to name a few

  5. nancy j said:

    you can do it. i just lost 20 pounds . it took about 3 months but the inches keep coming off to.
    I can not stress the importance of excersing….walking…jogging,
    if you belong to a gym lift weights. It helps burn fat faster.
    and Diet…dont eat after 8, try to stay away from alcohol drinks like beer and fruity drinks that have a lot of juice.
    have cookies and chips in moderation. or instead of a cookie eat a 90 calorie granola bar.
    Think before you put something in your mouth. And if it is really what you want because usually once it is swallowed, I know i just feel guilty and it was pointless. It only tastes good the moment its in your mouth. stay focused. and if you fall offf track for a day or 2, its never to late to get back on the bandwagon. good luck

  6. ali m said:

    first u start with , not eating oily and bakery food and at the same time u start eating salads and soups and u will find the change then slowly u start exercise.loosing weight must be slow that will work.

  7. hotwheels5515 said:

    The fastest and most effective is starvation. Eat only a small portion salad at night just to keep yourself alive.

  8. taifun25 said:

    Eat no junk. Read the labels. Cut down on white carbohydrates like white flour, sugar etc. Eat more eggs, butter (never Margarine or hydrogenated vegetable fats.) eat meat and chew every mouthful for a long time at least 32 times to mix your saliva into the food before swallowing. Eat vegetables and fruit. If you can buy organic. Eat 5 small meals a day. Never go hungry, never stuff yourself. Moderation in all things. Have a happy disposition and imagine you are already slim, feel it and be grateful for it. Mind and body work together.

  9. Dr Diet said:

    Check the following diet tips

    Download Diet Reminder Application it may help

    Try to have a diet Quiz to increase your diet Information

    Also use Diet Calculator

    Best Wishes,
    Have a Nice Day

  10. doright said:

    if losing some pounds of any description and inches is what you want then I would suggest you use a diet that is all natural and is rich in protein and vitamins. I used a protein based diet with Herbalife after a friend who had lost weight recommended it to me. All the way through you feel great and energized, you also get great coaching and support along the way. The people are very friendly and gave me lots of great advice. I needed to lose 40 pounds and I did so fairly easily. There is no pressure and they will even send you a load of free samples so you can try before you buy. The samples were the thing that initially convinced me that this was the right path to choose. The products really work and you feel great whilst losing weight. You also a get e free complete health consultation with the samples, I think I just paid the postage, but for what I got it was well worth it.
    I lost all my weight in less than four months and they have helped me to keep it off. I would definitely recommend using them. The owners will advise you on what to purchase depending on what you want to lose, my sister did this also and lost 76 pounds in less than five months. The website is You just leave your details and they call you up, I would suggest that if you aren’t sure or don’t want someone to ring you then go to their main site and you can see all the products and packages. This is what I did before I went to the first site and left my details so they could contact me. You can see with all the products and detail they have, so you know that they mean business. Its nice to have contact with real people who care about you losing weight and improving your health. I know that I will continue to keep the weight off with the help I have received. I hope this helps.

  11. Sue said:

    I suggest that you try body cleansing. I tried it and really got lean quickly. I lost 15 pounds in 9 days and also 3 inches off my waist. I do body sculpting so getting leaner was my goal. My sister did this program too and she lost a lot of weight quickly. I did not know too much about cleansing but there are a lot of TV commercials about this stuff. This is a body cleanse and not just a colon cleanse, I wanted my body to get lean quickly and this did the trick! You can get info at this toll free number 1-877-587-4647 or online at


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