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what is an easy and FAST way to lose weight?

i have gained almost 30 lbs. in the past month. i feel horrible so i have joined a soccer team, been eating in BETTER proportions, and been doing evening and morning excercises. i have not seen any results. please give me some pointers and a good excersize plan. i need to lose this weight FAST. I MEAN LIKE IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF WEEKS.

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7 Responses to “what is an easy and FAST way to lose weight?”

  1. pinkdinosaur said :

    Take a diuretic, it will take out your water weight.. If your feeling up to it you might want to also take a colon cleaner.. Suprisingly enough you have like 5+ pounds of yucky stuff inside of you so that will take care of that and you will obviously feel lighter and thinner.

  2. Margaret T said :

    either eat less than you are burning off


    burn off more than you are eating

    its good that you are joining a soccer team, football is a great way to loose weight because you are running around for ages

  3. Heather said :

    If there was an easy and fast way to lose weight there wouldn’t be so many overweight people.

  4. brown eyed boy said :

    there is no such way to lose fat in couple of weeks.u can try this,eat 4 or 5 times a day but small portion its really works
    and drink more water

  5. Steph said :

    i heard that tricking your metabolism makes you lose 9 pounds every 11 days.

    like eat all junk food for 3 days and then they next 3 days eat nothing but fruit then nothin but meat the next 3 days. this works because your metabolism doesnt get time to adjust to the food you are eating and burns more fat

  6. AE84 said :

    Lay off simple carbs, sweets, soda or juices and sugars. Stick to lean meats, nuts, veggies, cheeses and lentils. Even the sugars and fruits can hold you back if you are overdosing on fruits to avoid eating veggies. Low fat and fat free means nothing if it’s crackers, oreos, ice cream, etc. And eat 3 – 6 well porportioned meals a day – watch serving size. Like 15 almonds… not the whole can. 1 string cheese for a snack. Drink lots of water and tea (no sugar).
    p.s. Diahretics (sp) may help moves waste out quickly but they can also make you bloated aka feel fat – not to mention throw off your regular cycle.

  7. georgiarose1981 said :

    For a week eat only fresh veggies and fruit with fish or baked chicken and a half cup of brown rice for dinner and salads for lunch. Eat 2 healthy snacks a day and always eat breakfast.


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