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What is a sprained ankle ?

Almost everybody at one point in their lives experience a so-called “sprained ankle”. People that are more involved with sports activities or simply live more active lives (running, walking, jumping a lot) will at one point experience a sprained ankle. For example, your kid may suffer from a sprained ankle after working too hard on his football match, or simply because a basketball accident.

Nevertheless, some people don’t understand exactly what a sprained ankle is, even if they may have had one themselves. If you ever get a sprained ankle and have to call an ambulance, your medic may tell you that a sprained ankle is a stretching and tearing of the ligaments surrounding the ankle. Of course, in many cases a typical sprained ankle usually involves a small tearing of the ligaments and not a complete rupture as many people imagine. Some other interesting facts about sprained ankles include:

* Almost any persistent ankle pain is usually related to an ankle sprain (in order to make sure, check with your doctor). In many cases, the body responds to the ankle sprain by causing the tissues around the ankle to swell, and usually swelling causes additional pain. Discuss with your pharmacist or doctor for something that will reduce the swelling because this will reduce the pain.

* A sprained joint is the most common type of “sprained ankle”.

* As mentioned before, an ankle sprain usually occurs when a small tear in the ligaments appears and this is the result of twisting or bending in an unusual position.

* Swelling and bruising are some of the most common symptoms of any sprained ankle. If you have these symptoms after an ankle injury, see your doctor, as you may have a sprained ankle.

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