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what is a motorized treadmill how does it work are they good?

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4 Responses to “what is a motorized treadmill how does it work are they good?”

  1. geekieintx said :

    it’s a treadmill that has a motor that turns the treadmill part that you walk on, you can make it go as slow or as fast as you want…you can even run on them…………..Yes, they are good…i walk on mine everyday rain or shine in the comfort of my home…we bought ours through an ad in the paper for only $250.00 ..ours folds up when you are not using it

  2. lestermount said :

    A treadmill is a piece of training equipment with a belt that is large enough for you to stand, walk, and run upon.
    The motor moves the belt at speeds so you can adjust it to the speed you want to travel.

    They are good in that you can work out at any time without worrying about the weather outside.

    I like to run outside so I can enjoy the scenery. Some would rather use a treadmill because they can exercise without being exposed to traffic, pollution, heat, rain, or dogs.

  3. sitizenxxx said :

    I personally feel that a treadmill is superior to training outdoors for the simple reason of knee damage on concrete and pavement. Treadmills save your body from the harsh impact that one derives from outdoor surfaces… however, having said that …if you have a rubberized track close nothing beats training on a cool fall or spring morning… heaven!

  4. Katie A said :

    well it does work but running without a motorized belt is better; however sometimes treadmills have better support for runners and their joints


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