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What is a healthy way to lose fat quickly?

I have a big swim meet coming up in a month and I want to lose fat so I go faster. What is a natural supplement free way for me to lose this excess fat?

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11 Responses to “What is a healthy way to lose fat quickly?”

  1. Jacob said :

    eating proper foods and exercise

  2. Fashion Queen 561 said :

    eat small portions….your stomach will shrink….and when you eat a few bites you will be full…just eat to take away the hunger pain and you dont feel hungry anymore…it will train your stomach!!!

  3. Catalina said :

    It is vital to eat good to keep in good health. Acai berry is an exciting super food that keeps you in good health and also has the bonus of assisting you to lose a load of weight. There’s a free trial happening right now at , try it out, what is the worst that could happen?

  4. Sprinkles F said :

    Heres what you do
    limit your carb intake to 150 grams a day
    and fat to 150 calories from fat a day
    now you might eat more than that and thats fine
    just as long as you burn it
    eat more fruits and veggies and lean meats or egg whites
    cut back on carbs
    stay AWAY from fried foods or high fat foods
    get some exercise but make sure its something fun like dancing or playing a sport otherwise itll seem like a chore
    oh and if your will power sux like mine id kepp a lot of diet soda, sugar free jello, carrot sticks, and srystal light in the house. those are things that you can eat w/o feeling guilty afterward
    good luck

  5. Mek said :

    Eat yoghurt(diet) before the meals.Then you can eat apple, rye bread, grilled chicken, salad with very little Olive can have purslane and spinach.Cabbage soup will also help to loose weight.Also many vegetables like tomato, carrot,cucumber.And drink green tea before sleeping and before the breakfast.Prefer toasted bread.You can eat light cheese, too.

  6. Mikis said :

    if u wana loose weight at home by just changing
    your eating habits
    u may refer to
    (copy n paste the above link in browser to open it)
    and u can loss weight successfuly by
    refering to these tips and diets

  7. Jordan said :

    dont eat ffor 5 hours before bed, but drink lots of water. Your stomach will shrink, eat like a yogurt or an apple in the morning and eat whatever for lunch and still drop weight. if you really want something, just eat a few bites of it. pickles are also really good, they have like 10 calories a pickle and no carbs. as long as you drink alot of water, the sodium wont hurt you. beef jerky is good too. high in protein, low in fat.

  8. Nelly said :

    eat the right foods, exercise everyday, no junk food,
    oh and get the jillian michaels 30 day shred

  9. Melissa said :

    i would suggest that you go for this guide..

    it will teach you exactly what to do
    has been proven

    and remember to drink lots of water
    and try walking or jogging a little

    good luck

  10. Jonas said :

    Most of the time, diet and exercise would do the trick. However, taking supplements won’t hurt.

  11. Shoney1102 said :

    What all these people are saying is true, however im lazy an this is all to much effort for me 🙂

    I have been taking some diet tablets for nearly 4 weeks now. (Was a free trail so thought I mite as well).
    To my amazement they have actually started to work! I mean a great difference! The great thing about these tablets is that I am still
    eating the food I would usually and the same amount of it! 🙂 I will post the link to the site below,
    well actually I will post the link to the offer that is currently active!

    Good luck! Alexx


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