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What is a healthy way to loose weight fast?

Over the summer i plan to loose 20 pounds or more. The summer is 2 and a half months long. I want to loose it fast but in a healthy way. I don’t want to take diet supplements and i know i have to exercise and eat healthy. What im really looking for is a good plan to follow.

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6 Responses to “What is a healthy way to loose weight fast?”

  1. Susan Yarrawonga said :

    Perhaps you can find some useful information in a web search for “healthy way to lose weight fast”.

  2. Dimitrie said :

    You are going to try to find a solution not just for the summer, but for your whole life right?

    If not, don’t continue reading….

    And yes, this is long, but it is very important

    Forget calories. For get counting, and bingeing, feeling depressed for eating certain things.

    Looking healthy is about being healthy right? Your know the phrase “you are what you eat”, right? Well, thats absolutely true.

    Food is the most powerful source toward losing weight. If you were so worried about not exercising one day, you totally are missing the boat. Food is 80% of the weight loss regimen, while exercise is only 20%. Food is so powerful because lets say you were at the gym for 2 hours and burned 400 calories. But then, you went to subway and ordered a 12 inch sandwich. (That is about 800 calories, seriously, and without food or drink) You just ate that 800 calories in 20 minutes, and wasted all of that time in the gym burning calories, while you gained it all back and more in those 20 minutes.

    Lets say you ate a healthy meal just 400 calories. That would mean you have 400 calories less consumed than you would have if you exercised and had that subway sandwich.

    You see? Food is the most important thing. It has so much more power than exercise.

    You need to forget counting calories, and focus on eating things that are HEALTHY and eating only when you are hungry, and stopping when you are content.

    If you count calories, you will eat based off what a box or package says, and not what your body says. If you make a summer goal and not a life long goal, you will inevitably gain all of your weight back.

    DO NOT EAT PROCESSED FOOD. If it is something that you can binge on, dont eat it. Eat things that are natural, things that people ate many years ago.

    You must remember. You cannot lose effective weight unless you exercise, but unless you eat correctly (in both what, and how much you eat), you will NOT lose weight.

    Don’t think about summer, but for a life time. Are you seriously going to count calories all of your life? Or would you rather eat healthy when you are hungry and exercise maybe 30-60 minutes a day and not worry ever about how many calories you are eating?

    Don’t sweat if you missed a work out. But SWEAT if you ate like an elephant on a whole box of cereal or a hamburger.

    As far as exercise goes. Within those 30-60 minutes of exercise you want to focus on about 20 minutes of cardio, and the rest weight training. More muscle=more caloric burning in the future. If you eat right, you don’t have to worry much about cardio. You just do cardio just in case you ate too much, or the wrong food.

    Good luck. Live and eat free, not constricted by calorie and binge guilt trips. Yes, food has all of the power, but you are the wielder of its power. For how ever you choose, you can use food for you, or against you.

  3. Gizmo's Mom & Dad said :

    I lost 50 pounds in 5 months. The doctor said that I did it at good rate. I keep it off for over 2 years, the due to some extenuating circumstances I gained 15 pounds back…but am on way to losing it.

    I did this by eating smaller, snack size meals, every 2-3 hours. This keeps your metabolism going so you burn more calories, and keeps your blood sugar level so you won’t feel as hungry.

    I highly suggest foods high in protein and fiber. Low fat, but NOT non-fat. Drink plenty of water. Keep your meals small…..most of them 200 calories or less. There are a million 100 calorie snack products out there to help. Dinner can be a little more….I love Lean Cuisine dinners. Don’t skip dessert! I personally love anything chocolate and ice cream is great. I like Skinny Cow ice creams or Bryers / Dryers double churn ice cream. Eat foods you like or you won’t stick to it.

    Go for walks every day or at least do some sort of exercise program. But walks are easy to fit into anyone’s schedule and give you time to unwind and think.

    Good luck….I hope you reach your goal.

  4. Nicola said :

    Personally I’m not sure about all these tricky pills and diets that everyone will try to sell you on here. I think it’s more about being sensible.

    I’ve lost 18lbs… OK, not overnight, but here are what I think really helped me.

    – Cut back / quit alcohol (big culprit!)
    – Stop eating carbs after lunch
    – Eat less meat
    – Eat plenty of salads (replacing the evening carbs!)
    – Eat 3 meals a day and have a healthy snack between
    – Drink lots of water (when you’re dehydrated, your brain get signals that you’re hungry, so you go off in search of food when all you really need is water)
    – Exercise. I hated this bit until I discovered power-plate! Wow, I love it now.

    Good luck. I hope you succeed in your plan.

  5. Kelleher said :


  6. ashish k said :

    Start doing Kapalbhati pranayam as advised by baba Ramdeb in Aastha 10-15 minutes daily


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