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What is a healthy way to gain weight while still exercising quite vigorously?

I have just started getting myself in shape for Air Force Basic Training so that I won’t hurt myself when I get there…However, I find myself with another dilemma besides being horribly out of shape–I am under the Air Force’s miminum weight requirement by 2-5 lbs (depending on if they say I’m 5’4″ or 5’5″). I am afraid that if I continue on my excercise routine that I will lose weight, and I need to gain it if they are going to let me in without a waiver! Any healthy suggestions?
When I say “horribly out of shape,” I mean that I can’t run very far without getting short of breath, I’m not as strong or as flexible as I used to be. I am close to being underweight, which is why I want to gain weight, not only to be healthier, but to be able to join the Air Force. I need to weigh between 110-114 (depending on how tall they say I am…it’s different everytime I get measured…). I want to raise my endurance so I can avoid embarassment and injury when I get to Basic Training. Right now I am following this training program: The problem with that is there is so much cardio and aerobics involved in that goal that I am afraid I will lose weight when I can’t afford to lose any!! I am looking for a healthy diet and vigorous excercise routine that will get me healthier, physically fit, and help me gain a little mass, preferably muscle. I am not petite, but I am pretty small…5’4″-5″ and 109 lbs.

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7 Responses to “What is a healthy way to gain weight while still exercising quite vigorously?”

  1. samanny said :

    Muscle weighs more than fat, so make sure you do cardio for you hear and weight lifting to build muscles.

  2. billyboy64 said :

    What type of exercise are you doing? If your not already doing it, try adding weight training to your routine. Add muscle to your frame. Muscle is much more dense than fat, so 1 lb of muscle is a lot smaller than 1 lb of fat.

    Along with the weight training, increase the calories you eat. Your body needs the extra food to create the muscle. Try to get most of the additional calories from protein. This will be used to build the muscle. Start with 100 calories a day, then work up from there until you are adding muscle weight, but not fat.

  3. cw45colt said :

    Eat more carbs like rice and pasta.

  4. tbelle26 said :

    You have to cut back on the exercise. If you exercise too much the no matter how much and or what you eat you will lose weight

  5. existentialist_guru said :

    First of all you have explain what you mean by horribly out of shape. Your fat %? endurance? cardio ability?

    Since the immediate goal is to condition for Air Force Basic training, the best way is to train exactly what will help you get through the training in flying colors.

    As I understand brute strength is not one that the force is looking for. It is more endurance and cardio ability. You can concentrate on intervel cardio, the whole session should last less than 30 min. Also train specifically for pushups and situps because they are the parameters that you will be judged upon.

    Eat more protein, cut out sugary carbs, include good fats, take multivitamin to supplement. It is almost impossible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time for a long period. So if you have more than 7-8 weeks to prepare, split it into muscle gain and fat loss phases and train accordingly.

  6. derrick d said :

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