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What is a healthy amount of pounds someone can lose in 3 months?

I am in a wedding in 3.5 months. All of the bridesmaids and the bride are very thin and pretty. I am pretty, however, I am 4’10 and almost 170 pounds. I don’t want to be the fat girl in all of the pictures. I am ready to begin P90X and start eating healthier. I would love to get down to 110 pounds, although I know that is not realistic or healthy. I want to set a healthy goal. What is the maximum amount of weight I can lose and still be healthy.

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3 Responses to “What is a healthy amount of pounds someone can lose in 3 months?”

  1. Jackson said :

    Hey theres hope I weighed 255 and i now im 195 I used nutrisystem diet
    p90x will make u a beast
    are you trying to be a warrior?

  2. Sai2301 said :

    3 *4 * 2 = 24 pounds the most….

  3. dancer55 said :

    A healthy amount is 1- 1 1/2 no more than 2 lbs per week. You will look better not have as much loose skin or unhealthy complexion.
    In 3 months you could healthfully loose 10-12 lbs.
    If you start an exercise program also you will appear that you have lost more than you did.


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