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What is a guaranteed fat-loss supplement for ages 30-50 ?

Even with highblood pressure can this supplement be taken ?

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6 Responses to “What is a guaranteed fat-loss supplement for ages 30-50 ?”

  1. Lindsay W said :

    Don’t eat carbs – that always works

  2. endosmoka said :

    As Eric Clapton once said……”cocaine.”

  3. SB said :

    not a supplement but drinking strictly water will ironically help you reduce bloating, also eat a lot of fiber to flush you out

  4. wannabebeachbum said :

    Supplements are not controlled/regulated by the FDA, so companies can put whatever they want in them and claim they do anything. So, no, there is no guaranteed supplement for anything.

  5. crazy driver said :

    my aunt lost more than 40 pounds going to weight watchers

  6. Molly B said :

    There is absolutely no supplement that will guarantee weight loss. There are a lot that say they do, but none of them will help you lose weight healthfully. ESPECIALLY, if you already have high blood pressure – most of the ‘weight loss’ supplements contain stimulants that could have serious adverse side effects for anyone, but more importantly for someone with a pre-existing condition. Try the good old fashioned healthy eating and exercise.


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