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What is a good way to loss fat when your a 16 year old guy?

I would like know how I can get into shape with in these 3 months of Summer vacation. I don’t have a huge gut but i definetly have one and i would like to get rid of it. I have seen some stuff online but i would like to know what else i can do. Please help, thanks!

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15 Responses to “What is a good way to loss fat when your a 16 year old guy?”

  1. Viper said:





  2. rt1290 said:

    sit-ups, running, squats, weight lifting etc. but start out slow and gradually increase.

  3. LuluBelle said:

    The best thing to do is start lifting weights. Lifting weights burns fat, and cardio burns calories.

  4. B12ITN3Y said:

    Running and watching what you eat. Run on soft surfaces so you can reduce shin splints. Also cutting your sugar intake can help lose weight.

  5. Elle said:

    just keep active.. guys have it easier to lose weight if you just keep up your metabolism. eat healthy eat smart .. dont totally fast just eat energy food. and play sports or whatever

  6. mamabear said:

    Walking every day, outdoors
    Sit-ups are the best


    Any fried food
    Fast food (other than salad or baked potato)
    Chocolate and other sweets
    Hot dogs, pepperoni, sausage, etc.

    That, along with walking and sit-ups should see you in pretty good shape before the end of the summer.

    Good luck 🙂

  7. Robert M said:

    Put the x-box down, walk away from the PC and stay out of the house. Just by being active you can make a big difference. play sports for hours and drink plenty of water. Also get a tan because it has a slimming effect appearance wise.

    Good luck with the hotties!

  8. Kieran OD said:

    Dont go all health mad, just don’t it loads of junk food.

    Drink plenty of water, go for jogs/runs, in the evenings.

    If you live by the sea try go surfing.

    Just start doing 20/30 sit-ups and push-ups a night.

    It will all build up.

  9. kbrennan2111 said:

    start working out at a local gym and eating a healthy diet. You dont have to completely get off junk food, but eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day along with enough grains etc etc. Just get outside and walk, run, bike, or play a sport with cardiovascular requirements.

  10. Tabitha E said:

    Here’s what I learned in the Army: Eat home made, healthy meals (lots of fruits and vegetables). Drink water so that when you urinate, it’s clear. If it’s not, drink more water. Excercise as often as you can. Do pushups and situps and run every day but make sure that you stretch out well before and do about a five minute walk after a run to cool down. Every body I went to basic with lost weight and we were there for less than three months. Just be sure that you push yourself on those situps and you should lose some inches (you may gain weight because muscle weighs more than fat) and you’ll feel so much better about yourself!

  11. christina s said:

    your in luck that you are a guy its easier for guys to lose weight than girls. Just do some weight training go swimming play some basketball and don’t drink any liquid calories( no soda or juice) because they are just sugar drinks(THIS INCLUDES GATORADE) don’t drink it unless you are a professional athelete.

  12. *~cutie pie~* said:

    -run in the gym. slowly increase how long and how much distance you run. that way it increases your stamina.
    -swim in the summer. its fun and it works out almost all the muscles in the body
    -do some things you like to do, like a sport. soccer is a good one. so is hockey and almost any other sport.
    -walk a neighbor’s dog once a week, and even for a profit too. $_$ walking is good exercise.
    -sit-ups/curl-ups: increase upper body strength and build abs
    -jump rope: may seem girly but its not. increase arm muscle and leg muscle. in the arm, it uses a muscle that you normaly dont use, unless you do ballet, which i’m pretty sure you dont…
    -Eat healthy: no sugary stuff for a while (i.e. a diet) and drink lots of water so your pee is clear

    thsese are all the ones i can think of. Hope i helped!

  13. lgooding5 said:

    I was a chubby teen as well. So I feel your concern. You need the ladies to notice right??!! It is easy for young men to lose bellys. Its disipline. YOU MUST STAY AWAY FROM THE SUGARS AND STARCH!! NO SODA NO COOKIES NO CANDY NO CHIPS NO KOOL-AID!! I had this problem as well, i needed a soda or kool-aid with my meals. If this is also your problem there is a product out there called Wyler’s Light a cheaper Crystal light is all it is. Its good and sugar free. Just keep being aware of your health as your are and you will be fine. Good luck!!

  14. Eviechatter said:

    Eat Low Fat
    Eat Low Carbs
    Get Plenty Of Exercise.
    Lift Weights
    Do Push Ups.
    You can lose fast on low carb diet but you need
    exercise to keep your muscles built up.
    Three months is plenty of time. I lost 30 lbs.
    in three months on a low carb diet.
    You can do it, Good Luck !

  15. TJTB said:

    Picture your plate:
    1/2 should be vegetables. The other half is split between 1/4 lean protein and 1/4 whole grain.

    A few rules for this “easy plate”:
    1)The thickness (height) of the protein and grain half, should not be more than the thickness of a deck of cards.
    2) The veggies should be any veggies but potatoes or corn.
    3) Cut out most of your sugar and all sugary or even diet drinks and drink cool water instead.
    4) Nothing deep fried.

    You should lose 2 pounds per week on this. That’s 24 pounds in 3 months. It’s healthy, it’s easy to remember and it’s effective.


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