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What is a good post surgery diet to lose weight?

My wife has just had a mastectomy and reconstruction by Lat Dorsi. She would ideally like to lose weight before the next bit of surgery in 6 months so as to ensure she has a well balanced pair of boobs. The obvious thing is to exercise but she can’t do gym stuff for a wile. What could she eat to lose weight?

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3 Responses to “What is a good post surgery diet to lose weight?”

  1. Athena said :

    I would suggest a cleansing diet. I lost 12 pounds in 9 days and then 28 pounds in less than a month. I also lost a lot of inches too! I learned that cleansing will help the body get rid of toxins. Toxins come from a lot of things like fast food, pollution, food additives and preservatives and lots of other things. The toxins get stored in the fat in our body. To get rid of the fat, we have to get rid of the toxins by cleansing the body. This made sense to me and I decided to try a cleanse program and it worked. The weight came off fast and this kept me motivated to keep going, not like other diets where the weight loss it too slow. I did Jenny Craig, Weight Watcher and Medifast. If you want to learn more call the toll free number 1-877-587-4647 or check out the website. This was the first time I ever did a cleanse, it was easy and I feel better. Good luck whatever you decide to do!

  2. Manna said :

    Well balanced meals and healthy size portions. This means, whole grains, lean meats (93 % beef), veggies, fruits…water. Try to stay away from anything white (like bread and pasta). Try to use good oils like Flax and Olive Oil. Some walking might do her good–if she can get to a point where she can walk around. The thing is, if she’s got a lot of weight to loose (like more than 15 lbs) it’ll come off easier than if she only needs to lose like 5. Good luck and try to eat healthy with her.

  3. fitness_freak said :

    I was struggling with the same issue for the longest
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